Empowering Women through Romance Novels

Caridad Piñeiro, the author of romance, paranormal, and suspense novels, spoke at Swarthmore on Friday. In her lecture, titled “Empowering Women and Latinas in Modern Publishing: How the 'South Beach [...]

A Midsummer Night: Reviewed

With interest piqued by promises of a twist on the classic play, lovers’ drama, and seductive fairies, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” opened with three showings this weekend. The play was [...]

Artist documents Irish violence though murals

Kelly sees art as a way to reconciliation, and believes that reconciliation is necessary for peace in Northern Ireland.
“Our work is not just about challenging the status quo or the government. It’s also about challenging our own people. My people are not

Clothesline Project sponsors panel discussion

“I thought the discussion did a nice job of culminating the Clothesline Project,” said Nell Bang-Jensen '11. “It was a really intense, emotional week and it was nice to have the opportunity to look forward. It was really empowering to take those

Ramadan Dinner in honor of Tariq Fischer

Andrea Cornejo ’10, found fasting made Ramadan especially meaningful for her. “It really made me show appreciation, not only for food, but for many material things. It made me think about everything I have. Also, I felt the experience was heightened by

Mike Super Amazes

Image supplied by publicistOn Saturday, magician Mike Super returned to Swarthmore and performed a show to a not-quite-full, yet enthusiastic crowd at LPAC. Sponsored by the Office of Student Activities, [...]