Remembering Dennis Archey

Dennis Archey, an Associate Director of Annual Giving, passed away on Sunday. He was 60 years old. Mr. Archey stressed the importance of students on campus, developing relationships with them alongside the alumni who were the center of his professional life. His


Project shows corporate involvement in occupation

Students walking the path across the Science Center Lawn this week could not help but walk through a chain-link enclosure sprinkled with potted trees whose leaves intermingled with instantly-recognizable logos of international corporations. The display, called “Fruits of the Occupation”, was created


Lectures highlight development, perspective

Development is an axiom of economic theory, the holy grail for policymakers around the world, the criterion by which nations are placed in the “3rd world.” Its significance is tacitly recognized in the United States, where the media treats the growth rate


TEDx talk engages community, brings ideas

After a year of planning, TEDxSwarthmore went off last Saturday without a hitch. With a crew of volunteers in place and a huge TEDxSwarthmore logo crafted by the LPAC crew sitting confidently on stage, the event’s planners and speakers were able to


College enters summer construction planning process

Jackhammers, nail guns and saws will fill the campus soundscape this summer. Swarthmore is planning a series of construction projects that will update Worth Health Center, Parrish Hall, the Lang performing Arts Center, Hicks Hall and Papazian Hall. The projects are part

Countryside Market & Deli plans to rebuild after fire

In the aftermath of the Christmas eve fire at Countryside Market & Deli, it seemed like the Carrafa family’s holiday season would be ruined. Their home, full of gifts, had been destroyed. But an outpouring of neighborly support refilled the Carrafa’s stockings.