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I tend to talk aloud when I write papers and I find that I’m unable to unless I do so. For that reason, I’m embarrassed to work in the libraries; Cornell 1st is a bit too loud but people don’t like me talking in McCabe. Are there any good non-library spots (read comfy chairs) to talk aloud, write a paper, and not annoy anyone?

Ah, the eternal Swat challenge of finding your study spot. First of all, there’s always the option of a study room on the second floor of McCabe (most of these have comfy chairs and tables); however, they’re often full. Most of the academic buildings have atria or lounge areas in them, and that’s probably your best bet. There aren’t usually people around, so you won’t be disturbing anyone, and they all have comfortable chairs. Try the atrium on the third floor of Trotter, or the clusters of chairs in most of the corners of floors in Kohlberg and the Science Center.

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