Athlete of the Week: Tommy Sheehan ’18

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What He’s Done:

In Saturday’s game at Johns Hopkins, Sheehan played the role of hero. Just four minutes into overtime, he converted on a pass from Ryan Ward, clinching the victory. Late-game heroics are not an anomaly for Sheehan, who also scored game-winning goals against Widener on Sept. 7 and Eastern on Sept. 14.

Secret to Scoring Game Winning Goals:
       I’m not really sure it’s a secret, but I would say keep working hard until the final whistle and don’t be afraid to take some chances. Don’t try to overthink things. Have confidence in yourself to make that shot and have trust in your teammates to find you if you make that hard attacking run into the box.

Favorite Goal You’ve Ever Seen (why?):

      My favorite goal I’ve ever seen was Lionel Messi’s goal against Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final in 2015. I’m a huge Messi fan, so I try to watch him whenever he plays. This goal was my favorite because Messi got the ball at around the halfway line on the field, then dribbled past four or five defenders, finishing it off by beating the keeper near post on a quick shot. It was incredible to watch.

Favorite Joke:
     I wouldn’t really say I have a favorite joke, but I like the humor from Kevin Hart’s stand ups and the skits from Key and Peele.

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