Swatbox Spreads the Music

Chuck Jiang ’16 is a director of Swatbox, a new club.
Strolling to visit family in the ville, Aaron Jackson ’16 blasted music out of his phone as he forgot his headphones. The same day, Jackson saw Swatties walking around campus playing music from a speaker. He then went to find his friend, Chuck Jiang ’16, who had told him earlier that they needed to have a club for music lovers.

The idea of creating a Swatboxers collective came out this way, and is dedicated to those who want to share their passion for music. “Swatbox should be a mutual pursuit of positivity, with a diverse universal soundtrack playing in the background,” Jackson, Creator of the Swatbox club, said.

Jackson and Jiang, Director of Swatbox, hope that “club members develop a greater appreciation for the magic music has in connecting experiences, manifesting happiness and transforming lives, one song at a time,” Jackson said.

The boombox sessions are tentatively scheduled every Friday and Saturday. According to Jackson, two members of the group will have the boombox for a day to blast the music they enjoy as they go to class and around campus. “It’s as simple as that,” said Jackson.

Through sharing music, the club hopes to offer students on campus a place to expose themselves to music they never would listen to otherwise. A music fan, Gregory Brown ’16 joined the club as he believes “people, me included, have a tendency to stick to their own music and Swatbox seems like a good venue to branch out.”

Sharing music is also another way to express oneself. In high school, Jiang and his rap duo recorded over 10 tracks and had followers online. “I wish to continue my rapper career, and Swatbox can also be a way to spread my music,” Jiang said.

The club’s activity plans include a listening party showcase where members share their music with the group and review current albums and songs. Swatbox also plans on streaming shows from WSRN and Chester Noize, and playing them through the boombox.

With only five members so far, the club is looking to expand. Their weekly meetings will be Fridays at 5:30 p.m. in one of Sharples’ private rooms.

“We are starting with our first, and more and better ones will come along,” Jiang said.

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