Email Policy, Movie Night, and Meal Points in the Ville

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Email Policy

According to Victor Brady ’13, Campus Life Representative, those looking for access to the entire student-body email list are divided into two camps: those who want repeated access and those who want special one-time access.

For those organizations that are more likely to use the email list repeatedly, StuCo will collaborate with the Chartering Committee in order to specify the extent to which such groups will be allowed to use the privilege.

For the one-time emails, StuCo has developed specific criteria that must be met before access will be granted. For example, the content of the message must be best communicated via email, compared to other media, and must have relevance for the entire campus.

Meeting With Dean Braun

StuCo members spoke with Dean Braun regarding the topics of discussion for the Community Safety meeting on Wednesday.

Issues concerning lighting on campus, communication between the administration and the student body, and the college’s relations with the Ville community will be raised on Wednesday.

StuCo and Braun also decided that ice cream treats and “healthy snacks” will be available for the study-break in McCabe at 10 pm on the 4th of May.

Annual StuCo Movie Night

Keeping in mind the genre of movies screened in previous years—such as childhood favorites like Finding Nemo —StuCo settled on the theme for this year’s movie night: Hakuna Matata.

Most probably, Lion King and Madagascar are the two movies that will comprise the movie night.

Some members raised the possibility of holding the event in the outdoor amphitheater in keeping with the jungle theme of the two movies.

Gabriella Capone ’14, Appointments Chair, suggested having an a cappella group perform as an opener.

Popcorn and cotton candy will be served. The tentative date for the event is 7 pm on the 1st of May.


  • A survey gauging student opinion on the details of the Ville meal points plan will be sent out to students in conjunction with next semester’s StuCo ballots.
  • StuCo met with Naomi Liang ’12, SBC Manager, later in the evening to discuss SBC’s restructuring. For notes on this meeting, you can read StuCo’s minutes here.
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