Sustainability Director, Panel on Assault, and Academic Support

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Swarthmore Sustainability

StuCo will write a one-page letter to President Chopp in support of a proposal coordinated by the Lang Center Environmental Sustainability Interns. The letter will express StuCo’s support for institutional attention to campus sustainability, including the “Green Revolving Fund” instituted with SBC rollover money in 2009, and the importance of communication between students, faculty and staff on sustainability issues.

The letter will also address the creation of a Sustainability Director position, a change recommended by the Sustainability Committee and also environmental consultants from the McKinstry Consulting Group, who volunteered their time. The director would largely be responsible for facilitating communication between the different groups that promote good environmental practices, as well as chairing SusCom and providing support for various initiatives and projects.

The Lang Center Interns for Sustainability are requesting student groups and college departments that support sustainable practices on campus to each write a letter discussing their thoughts on the specific duties the director position should entail. The interns will then compile all the letters and communicate the content to President Chopp.

StuCo Event on Last Weekend’s Incident

In light of last week’s incident involving an assault on a Swarthmore student on campus, StuCo is reaching out to members of the college administration and local community to determine what action should be taken moving forward.

StuCo plans to hold a panel discussion for students with a panel comprising of representatives from the Borough Police, Public Safety, the administration, and the student body.

StuCo is anticipating that the discussion will focus on “the college community’s relationship with the Ville, how the administration communicates such incidents to the student body, and issues of assault in general,” according to StuCo President Simon Zhu ’11.

Academic Support

StuCo is receiving additional funding from the President’s Office, the Sociology and Anthropology department and the Black Studies department in order to pay for Gary Okihiro to come to campus and speak on the possibility of introducing an Ethnic Studies program.

This article was edited Tuesday afternoon to include additional information in the sustainability section.

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