Bike Share, Dean Braun Meeting, Committees and Goals

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Student Council Meetings have now been moved from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Sundays.

This week StuCo shared news of the Bike Share contract being renewed with the same budget other than the cost of the bikes. The proposal will be going through to the SBC.

Changing the schedule for bagged lunches was discussed as one of the short-term goals. StuCo is considering forming a way of receiving responses from the student body on thoughts in improving the schedule and selections for bagged lunches during the week.

A meeting concerning TV/Cable in the dorms will be held during an RA luncheon on February 1st to assure that all are in working order.

Dean Braun and Associate Dean Smaw

StuCo met with Dean Braun and a luncheon with the Board of Managers was planned for Friday, February 18th, to discuss topics such as how professors approach teaching, how technology affects the classroom and how to highlight academic support.

Fireside Chats are also planned for February and March, though topics are yet to be assigned. Potential topics will be discussed and there will be outreach for student opinion. Dean Braun will also be attending three Sharples lunches with President Chopp to talk to students about strategic planning.

Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs Smaw, who recently announced he would be stepping down from his position, will be staying until a new dean is found. Applications are currently being sorted.

Long Term Goals

One of StuCo’s long-term goals has been to pass the Rollover Program Proposal, which would determine the handling of leftover funds from student groups at the end of the year. StuCo is looking to open up the proposal to the community, encouraging a general dialogue from the student body. StuCo wants to make budgeting more efficient.

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