Rollover Money and Campus Life Representative Position Restructuring

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Rollover Money

StuCo discussed what should be done with the approximately $90,000 that will remain in rollover money at the end of the academic year. In the past, all rollover money has been deposited into the Capital Replacement Fund (CRF), from which money may be taken for repairs and other replacements. However, last year, StuCo conducted a survey of the student body that suggested the money be put towards student-proposed initiatives. StuCo hopes to continue to use the money to fund student proposals and will be conducting a survey in the coming weeks to judge exactly how this rollover money should be allocated.

StuCo discussed a number of a possible ways to allocate the rollover money, including donating a portion of it to financial aid, depositing it into the CRF, and starting a grant program that will allow students to apply for funding for new campus initiatives. StuCo will consult the results from the survey before officially deciding how the money should be spent. However, most members agreed that half should be allocated to the CRF which, according to Rachel Bell ’10, President of Student Council, is “in a good state but [is] not sustainable.”

The other half, StuCo agreed, should go to a “Ways to Improve Swarthmore” Grant Program. This program would offer grants to students who propose initiatives that would better the Swarthmore campus. Esther Burson ’10, Educational Policy Representative, also suggested that about $10,000 be removed from the amount set aside for the CRF and be used instead as a flex account which would support StuCo’s own initiatives. According to Bell, who agreed, this account would help StuCo to “see through [their] initiatives to completion.” StuCo cited purchasing picnic tables to be put behind Sharples, hiring a student to maintain a course recommendation book, and offering breakfast at Sharples on Sundays as possible uses for the flex account.

Campus Life Representative Position Restructuring

Watufani Poe ’13, Campus Life Representative, suggested a restructuring of the Campus Life Representative position in a way that would require the Campus Life Representatives to meet regularly with the leaders of groups on campus and to attend IC/BCC Coalition meetings. According to Deivid Rojas ‘11, Vice-President of Student Council, this would encourage Campus Life Representatives to “have more engagement with the student body.”

Still, because making an official change to the role of the Campus Life Representatives would require a constitutional amendment, Burson suggested implementing a trial period to judge whether or not these changes would increase communication between the student body and StuCo.


  • StuCo members will be tabling this evening at Sharples and on Tuesday from 12:00pm until 2:00pm in Shane Lounge trying to get students to vote in the current StuCo elections. The poll can be found on Blackboard until voting ends on Wednesday, April 28th at 5:00pm.
  • StuCo members agreed to publicly support campus activism opposing Arizona’s SB 1070.
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