Deleted Comments

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

From Redefining Commenting on the Gazette:
“Urooj’s a douche. Does that rhyme? SOMEONE BRING BACK THE DAILY JOLT!!!!!!!” — DJ

From Podcast: Congressional Candidate Bryan Lentz:
“Have your say.” — KGW
“No negative comments yet? Are enough people listening to this?” — KGW
“roflmao” — KGW

From Campbell Appointed to New Administrative Role, Funded by ‘Special Gift:
“Watch my nemesis, Tim Tebow not get drafted in a few weeks but just SIT THERE AND STARE awkwardly from the FIRST ROUND ON!!! LOL WHAT A NOOB! FAIL!” — Matt Stafford
“Matt Stafford, you need to stop hatin and improve your game. I recommend my remedy: liberal doses of cheesesteaks and not paying any attention to game clocks in critical situations.” — Andy Reid

From Letter to Swarthmore: Three Days in Palestine:
“Are you simulating a suicide bomber and blowing people up? Are you firing missiles into crowds of students? Are you letting 800,000 Jews return to Arab countries that they were kicked out of, and returning their houses? That’s what y’ll represent, terrorism and hate. Yassir Afafat stole billions of dollars from other countries and aid organizations for his own bank accounts. How Swarthmore can sanction you terrorists is beyond me. I will never send another penny to Swarthmore, and urge all fair-minded alums and parents to do the same. And if you take this comment off, you are sanctioning one-sided censorship. Long live the State of Israel! Happy Passover!” —parent2

“In addition, since the administration of Swarthmore is allowing students who represent suicide bombers and terrorists to hijack the campus in the way, I would encourage Jewish high schoolers considering Swarthmore to attend elsewhere. You have been accepted to other fine colleges and universities, attend there: your families do not have to sanction this type of support of Hamas and other Arab terrorists who have killed thousands and kept a region in terror. Go to a friendly campus, not one that sanctions hate. To Swarthmore administrators: you should know better than to allow such extremism on your campus. Shame on you.” —parent2

“Yea, why don’t you simulate a suicide bombing by Palestinian terrorists, and then set up checkpoints to protect Israelis? How about aiming simulated bombs from a simulated Gaza toward Swarthmore students going to class, and then set up checkpoints? The Palestinians got back Gaza from the Israelis and then just used farmland cultivated by the Israelis to launch missiles toward civilian Israeli targets. The Arabs have perpetuated so much hate and violence in the Middle East, always blaming Israel or the US for its problems. Shame on Swarthmore for supporting this killing and corruption perpetrated by the Palestinians.
Even very recently, the Palestinians dedicated a town square to a female suicide bomber. Is Swarthmore going to do this next? What happened to Quaker values?” —parent 2

Letter to the Editors:

Dear Editors,

I know your new comments policy is in effect, but it doesn’t seem to stop alums and parents from being as nasty as they can be. I am really tired of being condescended to when i ask a legitimate question, or being yelled at like I’m an idiot for having a constructive opinion. What is the deal with people being mean over the internet? Is this anonymity simply the best way to let out violent rages or to vent every hatred that alumni have for current students?

It’s really tiring, and it makes me want to quit reading the Gazette. We’re still getting roadblocks in the conversation, because so much time is spent insulting people who post questions instead of constructively answering their concerns.

The point of enabling comments is not to “win” or to make the previous commenter look stupid. It’s to broaden the conversation, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

— Stephanie Appiah ’10