Board of Managers Luncheon, Dean’s Search Committee, and Dining Policies

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Board of Managers Luncheon

Rachel Bell ’10, President of Student Council, and Deivid Rojas ‘11, Vice-President of Student Council, spoke with both Garikai Campbell, Acting Dean of Students, and President Rebecca Chopp over the past week to discuss holding an open luncheon with the Board of Managers this Saturday so that students may have the opportunity to meet with the Board. StuCo was told that the luncheon would remain limited to 18 students this meeting, as it has been in the past. The administrators, however, said that a lunch open to the entire student body might be a possibility in the future. StuCo is planning to continue to communicate with the administration in an attempt to show strong support for the open luncheon and to encourage it this weekend.

Dean’s Search Committee

President Chopp told StuCo that a new Dean of Students will be chosen in the coming weeks. After the announcement is made, StuCo hopes to hold a forum involving students and administrators during which the selection process will be discussed. The goal of the meeting is to decide how to improve student involvement in future election processes. StuCo believes that such a conversation is especially pertinent as the administration begins to search for a replacement for Dean Sams.

Dining Services

StuCo discussed reviving a program that used to exist that allowed students to take their professors to lunch. StuCo plans to speak with the administration and possibly create a fund that would allow both the student and the professor to dine for free in Sharples.

Dan Symonds ‘11, Financial Policy Representative, suggested speaking with dining services to discuss the feasibility of allowing students to use points to purchase items from various businesses in the Ville. The response among StuCo members was generally positive as they believed it would significantly improve student life, but StuCo decided to continue the conversation with Dining Services before moving forward.


  • The King of Prussia shuttle will make a trial run this Saturday. It will leave Swat at 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm, and 5:30pm and will make return trips at 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, and 6:00pm.
  • StuCo members received complaints from students regarding the Inclement Weather Policy. Bell and Rojas plan to discuss the distinction between essential and nonessential employees, employee pay, and class cancellation policies with Campbell today.
  • StuCo no longer plans to write a letter to the Board of Managers voicing their support of raising the summer stipend amount. This decision was made after StuCo found that staff and administrators also support the raise. “Everyone has got our back, so to speak,” said Bell.
  • StuCo Lounge, formerly Tea with StuCo, is going to be held this Wednesday in PACES. Currently, the event is scheduled for 10:30pm but the time is subject to change.
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