The Dean Replacement Process, a Meeting with Dean Campbell, and the Board of Managers Meeting

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Last night, only six members of Student Council attended the weekly meeting, meaning that quorum was not met: at least seven members of StuCo must be present for StuCo to meet officially. StuCo members did, however, discuss upcoming events and initiatives.

Dean Search Committee

Vice-President Deivid Rojas ‘11 suggested that StuCo plan a meeting with students, during which students may discuss changes they hope to see in future dean selection processes. According to Rojas, the conversation would be based around “how [the selection process] can go differently next time.” Rachel Bell ‘10, President of Student Council, voiced her support, saying that it is important to discuss how to improve the process, especially with the upcoming replacement of Dean Sams.

Meeting with Dean Campbell

Bell and Rojas will meet today with Garikai Campbell, Acting Dean of Students, to discuss the budget cuts planned for the next academic year. The two StuCo members hope to create a newsletter that will be distributed to the student body explaining the budget cuts.

Board of Managers Meeting

The Board of Managers will meet on February 19th and 20th. One topic the Board will discuss is whether or not summer stipends given by academic departments will be raised by about $600, in an attempt to lessen the impact of the increase in the expected summer earnings for aided students. StuCo plans to write a letter to the Board voicing their support of the increase in stipend value.

StuCo also discussed possible ways to involve more students in the Board of Managers meeting. StuCo members plan to send an open e-mail to students asking them to RSVP if they wish to attend a luncheon with the Board. The luncheon, however, will most likely be limited to about eighteen students. StuCo also discussed requesting a more public student lunch with the Board, which would allow additional students to attend.


  • StuCo did not meet with SBC on Sunday to request funding for a shuttle to King of Prussia. StuCo plans to meet with SBC this coming Sunday.
  • Tea with StuCo, which was planned for this Wednesday, will be postponed due to the weather. The new date has not been decided.
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