Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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The Daily Gazette
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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Volume 9, Number 12

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1) College Corner: Interview with Mock Trial’s Adam
Dalva ’08

2) World news roundup

3) Campus events


1) Field hockey shoots past Gwynedd Mercy

2) Upcoming contests


Today: Mostly cloudy. High of 76.
I got my first spec today, and I have to admit, it was pretty cool.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low of 62.
It was sort of like having an innocent puppy follow me around.

Tomorrow: PM showers. High of 75.
I just feel a bit guilty, like I’m leading it into a trap.


Lunch: BBQ chicken sandwhich, cottage fries, ratatouille, pierogies,
brussel sprouts, corn on the cob, cream of asparagus, minestrone, chef
salad bar, cup cakes

Dinner: Chicken marsala, buttered noodles, baked tofu, thai sweet
potatoes, spinach, peas and carrot, caribbean bar, lemon meringue pie


1) College Corner: Interview with Mock Trial’s Adam
Dalva ’08

by Andrew Quinton
Gazette Reporter

Adam Dalva ’08 is on a mission to revive the recently dormant Mock
Trial club.  We at the Daily Gazette have read our share of John
Grisham, so we were naturally intrigued.  I attended the first
meeting of the newly revitalized club and afterwards sat down with the
man who found it within himself to wear a suit all day to promote his

Daily Gazette: How long have you been involved in mock trials?

Adam Dalva: 5 years.  I went to all the trials in 8th grade, was a
witness freshman year, moved up to being a lawyer sophomore and junior
years, and was head lawyer last year.

DG: So you started out as a mock trial groupie?

Adam: Yes.  But we’re cooler than most groupies.

DG: What made you interested in mock trials in the first place? 
Were you always interested in the law?

Adam: I just walked into the meeting one day.

DG: Your advertising posters say “You know you want it”.  How do
you know that we want it?

Adam: It’s simple.  Mock trial is the best activity in the
world.  It combines the formality of the legal system with
fun.  Unlike any other activity, it’s a true team effort. 
Other things tend to be more based around the individual, but in mock
trial, if there’s even one weak spot, the whole team will do
poorly.  And mock trial is something that we can all connect
to.  We all know about the law and how it affects us.

DG: I understand that you recently secured funding for the mock trial
club.  How did you work this miracle?

Adam: I met with the Student Budget Committee and with Student Council,
and they said that I probably couldn’t get funding until the spring
semester.  So I was planning on paying for everything out of my
own pocket.  But today, I met with Vice President Eldridge who
was hopeful that some funding could be found for us, so I’m optimistic
we’ll eventually be funded.

DG: What are your ultimate goals for the mock trial club?

Adam: I want to win the national championship.  Also, I want to
teach people about the law, and of course have fun.  We had way
more people attend the meeting tonight than we have spots for on the
competing team, so we’ll have both an A and a B team and I’ll be
teaching classes for those who don’t have any experience with mock

DG: What does the competing team do?

Adam: Go to three tournaments each year; the Penn tournament, the
Columbia, and the Yale tournament, which is the biggest tournament in
the country.  We already have transportation and places to stay.

DG: That’s pretty impressive.  And what will the beginner classes
be like?

Adam: Just basic stuff.  How to write an opening statement, how to
present a case, how to write and present an affidavit as a witness.
Everybody will get some trial experience at some point.  We’ll
probably do a trial each week at regular practice; the best way to get
good at mock trials is to practice a lot.

DG: OK, here’s the big question: What would you prefer: A thriving Mock
Trial club or yet another World Series win for that wretched baseball
team of yours?

Adam: Well, we win every 4 years anyway, so I’d definitely choose a
championship for the club.  However, if I was a Red Sox fan, it
would be a little different.

DG: I walked into that one.

Adam: Yeah you did.

Soundly defeated, this reporter slunk out of Mephistos.  But I’ll
be at the next training session, and maybe one day the apprentice will
defeat the master.


2) World news roundup

* On Monday, Vladimir Putin proposed changes to Russia’s system of
electing governors to the country’s regions. In an effort to strengthen
the nation in response to terrorism, Putin wants to change the process
of electing leaders from a popular vote to to presidential nomination
followed by a vote from local legislatures. Critics claim that this is
an attempt to consolidate power and violates the Constitution; Putin
says that the change only requires legislative approval.

* Once again, a category 5 hurricane is threatening Florida’s panhandle
and New Orleans, Louisiana. Though the tracking is imprecise and
forecasters caution that  Ivan could hit land as far west as
Mobile, Alabama, there is little doubt that the Gulf Coast will be hit
with some force. Ivan’s destruction has already cost 62 lives in the

* Three bodies, suspected of being missing young Swedish and Americans
who have been missing since 1981, were retrieved from a Himalayan
glacier in India. The bodies, though well preserved, have started to
deteriorate after being removed from the ice. Until a decision is made
as to where to airlift them, they will remain under snow at the site.


3) Campus events

International Honors Program Informational Meeting
Sharples Dining Hall Room #5, 12:00 p.m.

Mathematics Colloquium by Herb Wilf: “Eigenvalues, Graphs and Searching
the Web”
Sci 199, 4:15 p.m.

Study Abroad in Spain Information Session
Kohlberg 318, 4:15 p.m.

Lecture by Diana Furchtgott-Roth ’79: “Our Dynamic Workforce:
Advantages and Challenges”
Sci 101, 7:30 p.m.

Shaolin Kung Fu Class
Upper Tarble, 8:00 p.m.



1) Field hockey shoots past Gwynedd Mercy

by Alex Glick
Sports Editor

The field hockey team continued its winning ways yesterday with a 4-1
win over the Gwynedd Mercy Griffins.  Neema Patel ’07 led the
offense with 2 goals and an assist in the victory.  Swarthmore
remains undefeated with a 4-0 record after the win.

Swarthmore stayed on the offensive in the first half.  The Garnet
were the first to get on the board, as Saranne Perman ’07 put one in
the net off of an assist by Jessica Larson ’06 and Patel assist.
Swarthmore took a 2-0 lead less than five minutes later, with Julia
Lindenberg ’05 scoring off of a pass made by Larson.  At the end
of the half, Patel scored her first goal of the game when a previous
Garnet shot got the Griffin goalie out of position.

The shutout did not last though, as the Garnet defense was penetrated
and the home team was scored upon just 1:16 into the second half.
Swarthmore played strong offense for the rest of the game while the
Garnet defenders did not give the opposition many opportunities to take
a shot on goal in the second half.

A few minutes later Patel shot a penalty corner, which the Garnet kept
up near the opposing goal.  Lindsey Roth ’07 was soon able to find
an open Patel, who then scored her second goal of the game. Swat went
on to hold their ground with the 4-1 victory.

After the game head coach Kelly Wilcox said, “We set out to be a team
that scores a lot of goals this year, and we’re doing it.”  The
Garnet’s offense has certainly been strong so far this year as the team
is outscoring its opponents 17-5.  Wilcox added that the team is
playing well “no matter the conditions or the opponent.”

Patel noted, “We just keep getting better every game, and it’s really
amazing how far we’ve come since game one.”  Patel also expects
the team to play well once Centennial Conference action begins. 
The first conference game will be held at home on September 25 against


2) Upcoming contests

Volleyball hosts F&M, 7:00 p.m.

Women’s Soccer at Richard Stockton, 5:00 p.m.



“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal
–Mark Twain


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