Monday, September 6, 2004

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The Daily Gazette
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Monday, September 6, 2004
Volume 9, Number 6

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Today’s issue:


1) Magician Mike Super lives up to his name

2) World news roundup

3) Campus events


1) Men’s soccer undefeated after Alumni Classic

2) Women’s soccer takes one of two in Swarthmore Kickoff

3) Field hockey crushes Goucher

4) Volleyball comes up short at Moravian

5) Upcoming contests


Today: Cloudy. High of 78.
One day down, six to go until the end of the week.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low of 69.
One week down, five to go until fall break.

Tomorrow: Mixed sun and clouds. High in the 80s.
It’s never too early for a Red Sox fan to start counting.


Lunch: Chicken nuggets, curly fries, tofu joe, baked penne with
mushrooms, corn, spinach, cheese steak bar, cookies

Dinner: Tilapia with shrimp sauce, spicy peanut noodle, Indian style
chick peas, broccoli, cauliflower, picnic bar, ice cream bar


1) Magician Mike Super lives up to his name

by Jen Roth
Gazette Reporter

On Friday evening, Mike Super took to the LPAC stage for what he called
an “interactive magic experience.” The show seemed to be a popular
choice for that evening’s entertainment: people showed up well in
advance to wait in line, and the theater was almost filled to capacity.
Before the show had even begun, it was clear that Super had already
found a devoted fan in Ethan Ucker ’07, who taped posters advertising
the show onto his shirt.

Super, who was named 2004 Novelty Entertainer of the Year, started the
show off by drawing a bowling ball in a sketchpad and then making an
actual bowling ball fall out from the pad. He then went on to “recycle”
an empty soda can by resealing and refilling it and to tear up a
newspaper only to reveal that it was once again in one piece.

For many of his illusions, Super selected people from the audience to
assist him. One girl was brought on stage to help with a cut and
restored rope trick as well as a vanishing knot illusion, while a six
year old boy was called upon to display his “psychic powers” for a card
trick. Another audience member was used for a demonstration of “voodoo
magic.” Ucker also got his chance to be on stage to help Super with his
linking rings illusion.

Audience member Juliet Braslow ’07 was chosen for the levitation
illusion. Super placed a board on two step ladders and then had Braslow
lie down on the board. Super then removed the supports from underneath
the board, leaving her levitating a few feet above the ground. When
asked about the experience, Braslow said, “I wish I could have some
insight on how he did it, but I’m just as clueless as everyone else, if
not more so because I didn’t see what was happening,” going on to add
that at least now she can say that she’s levitated. Another highlight
of the show involved a piece of tissue paper. Super first made the
paper dance on his hand and up and down his arm, and then helped an
audience member to do the same. Super then took the paper and
constructed a rose out of it. After he was done, he made the rose
levitate before lighting it on fire to reveal a red rose which he
presented to the girl.

Super concluded the show with a story about his mother, who encouraged
his dream to perform magic. In honor of her memory, his last trick was
to create snow in his hands. Afterwards, he stuck around to talk to
curious audience members. Most audience members seemed to find Super’s
combination of magic and humor to be entertaining, even if they didn’t
follow Ucker’s lead and give a standing ovation after each illusion.


2) World news roundup

* In the wake of the Republican National Convention last week, many
Democrats are urging nominee John Kerry to intensify his campaign
against George W. Bush. The New York Times reported that these
Democratic advisors and officials believe that it is time for Kerry to
press Bush harder on domestic issues in addition to national security.
Many seem to be concerned that Kerry is spending too much time
defending his character and his record in Vietnam, and not enough time
challenging Bush on the issues.

* Former President Clinton is expected to receive open heart surgery
next week. Though the 58-year-old has been in good health since he left
office, doctors on Friday discovered blockages in 3 or four significant
coronary arteries and recommended immediate surgery. Over the weekend
the former President remained hospitalized, but was reported to be
walking around and in good spirits.

* Hurricane Frances, which hit the state of Florida over the weekend,
was not as powerful as had originally been forecast. The storm cast a
wide net over the state, dumping inches of rain and raising fears of
possible flooding. So far two people have died from the effects of the
hurricane, one in a traffic accident and the other from a heart attack.
More than 4 million people remain without power. The economic damage to
the state could also be immense, as tourists ended up not going to the
state for the Labor Day holiday weekend due to the storm.

* Iraqi officials said on Sunday that they had captured Izzat Ibrahim,
one of Saddam Hussein’s deputies, after a shootout north of Baghdad.
But others, including the American military and the Iraqi defense
minister, said that this claim had no basis in reality. DNA tests are
being done to confirm the identity of the man.


3) Campus events

Film and Media Studies Showing: Citizen Kane
LPAC Cinema, 7:00 p.m.

Students Against The Occupation Meeting
Kohlberg Coffee Bar, 8:00 p.m.

SWIL Movie: “The Last Unicorn”
Sci 101, 10:00 p.m.



1) Men’s soccer undefeated after Alumni Classic

by Andrew Quinton, Gazette Sportswriter
additional reporting by Alex Glick, Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team improved to 3-0 this weekend with two wins in the
Garnet Alumni Classic. The team’s weekend began with a 9-0 thrashing of
the Rams of SUNY-Farmingdale on Saturday and continued with a 2-1
victory over the Wesley Wolverines on Sunday.

Michael Bonesteel ’08 and Brandon Washington ’08 dominated the first
half of Saturday’s game. Their pressure led to two own-goals by the
Rams, as well as one by Bonesteel. Washington picked up the assist on
that tally, showing excellent footwork in creating an open shot for his
teammate. The Garnet Tide kept up the pressure in the second half until
the fight went out of the Rams, allowing Swarthmore to coast to the
lopsided victory.

The opening minutes failed to belie the final outcome. The Garnet broke
through just after the 18 minute mark when Washington’s cross found the
head of a Farmingdale player and deflected into the net. Throughout the
first half, Swarthmore kept on the pressure, rarely allowing the Rams
to take the ball across midfield. When they did, capable defenders such
as Duncan Gromko ’07 kept the ball from getting too near goaltender
Nate Shupe ’05. In fact, the Rams did not manage a shot in the entire
game. Shupe and Reuben Heyman-Kantor ’06 combined for the shutout.
Neither recorded any saves, but Heyman-Kantor provided the impetus for
a Swarthmore goal late in the second half with a nice rolled ball to
the right side.

Not yet mentioned is Scott Long ’06, who didn’t enter the game until
late in the second half but still managed to tally three goals in less
than 15 minutes. The three goals exceeded his previous career total of
two. Long described the feeling of having scored a hat trick as
“fantastic,” adding that it was his first career hat trick on any
level. Also scoring in the second half were Bangs off of a penalty
kick, Bonesteel, and Washington.

Coach Eric Wagner was thrilled with the performance of hs team. “They
scored plenty of goals, and played great defense, earning a shutout,”
he remarked. A crowd of 110 appreciative fans took in the game, with
one fan’s compliment of Wagner’s ball-retrieval ability earning him a
wave and a smile from the coach. It was that kind of night for the

Coach Wager expected Sunday’s opponent, Wesley, to be more physical,
and they lived up to their advance billing. Sunday’s game was more
competitive, and both team’s played excellent defense. At 7:38 into the
first half, Washington scored off of a pass from Schiller to give the
Garnet a 1-0 lead. Wesley put a lot of pressure on Swarthmore’s
defense, but their aim was off as most of their shots did not come
close to the net.

At 14:40 into the second half, the Wolverines scored off of a corner
kick. However, with 9:48 left in the game, Patrick Christmas ’08 sent
the ball into the back of the opposing team’s net for the winning goal.

Alex Elkins ’06, Washington, Christmas, Shupe, and Schiller were named
to the All-Tournament team for their contributions this weekend. The
Garnet return to action on Wednesday as they travel to Moravian for a
5:00 p.m. game.


2) Women’s soccer takes one of two in Swarthmore
Kickoff 2004

by Cara Tigue, Gazette Sportswriter
and Alex Glick, Sports Editor

This weekend in the Swarthmore Kickoff Classic 2004, the Garnet fell to
SUNY-Cortland 2-0 but defeated Alvernia 2-1. Swarthmore’s record now
stands at 2-1.

On Saturday afternoon, Cortland’s Red Dragons scored both of their
goals in the first ten minutes of play. Angela Bruno scored first off
of a Marie Valentino assist just 4:43 into the half. Then, just a few
minutes later, the two switched roles as Valentino found the back of
the net off of a Bruno assist at 9:39. This proved to be all the
offense the Red Dragons needed as they held the Garnet scoreless for
more than 80 minutes.

SUNY controlled the momentum for most of the game, and the Garnet
struggled to find their offensive rhythm. The Red Dragons out-shot the
Garnet 17 to 6. Jane Sachs ’07 had two shots on net in the first half
for Swarthmore, but was unable to capitalize against SUNY goalkeeper
Christa Windhorst who played 90 solid minutes and recorded 2 saves for
the shutout. Swarthmore goalies Kristen Traband ’08 and Rachel Jordan
’08 also played well, recording 3 saves each. The Garnet defense
stepped up tremendously in the second half to hold the Red Dragons
scoreless in the final period.

As a result of the loss, the Garnet played Alvernia in the consolation
game of the tournament on Sunday morning. Swat kept the ball on their
opponent’s side of the field at the beginning of the first half. With
13:26 left in the half, Sachs scored off of a free kick to give the
Garnet the lead.

The teams seemed evenly matched for most of the second half, but
Alvernia scored with 10:56 left to tie the score at 1. With less than 4
minutes left in the game, Natalie Negrey ’07 scored off of a Sarah
Hobbs ’06 assist to give Swarthmore the victory. In the net for Swat,
Jordan and Traband combined for 5 saves.

Jordan Shakeshaft ’05, Negrey, and Sachs were named to the
All-Tournament team. The Garnet return to action next weekend at the
Widener Classic, facing York at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Wesley at
12:00 p.m. on Sunday.


3) Field hockey crushes Goucher

The field hockey team defeated Goucher this weekend 7-1. Lindsay Roth
’07 scored 3 while and Julia Lindenberg ’05 added 2. Melissa LaVan ’07
had 5 saves in the game. Swarthmore hosts Notre Dame of Maryland this
Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.


4) Volleyball comes up short at Moravian

The women’s volleyball team fell to 1-3 at the Moravian Greyhound
Invite this past weekend. They were victorious against St. Mary’s of
Maryland but lost to Moravian, Muhlenberg, and York. The team returns
to action next weekend at the Muhlenberg Buttermaker Tournament.


5) Upcoming contests

There are no contests scheduled for today.

Field Hockey hosts Notre Dame (MD), 5:00 p.m.



“The penalty for success is to be bored by the people who used to snub
–Nancy Astor


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