Thursday, September 24, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Thursday, September 24, 1998
Volume 3, Number 13


1)  Two new PC dorm consultants hired

2)  World news roundup


1)  Men’s tennis team hosts Tim Berman Memorial

2)  Volleyball defeated by Neumann

3)  Men’s soccer blanked by Stephens Tech

4)  Women’s soccer taken out by Franklin & Marshall

5)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:     Sunny. High of 71.
Well this isn’t very interesting.

Tonight:   Clear. Low in mid 40s.
 Still nothin’.

Tomorrow:  Partly cloudy. High of 78.


1)  Two new PC dorm consultants hired

Two new dorm consultants will soon be hired to service Personal Computers
at Swarthmore. They will join the six who already work as PC dorm
consultants and have been overwhelmed by the demand for their services in
the first three weeks of this semester. This year is the first that
Swarthmore College has provided support for PCs. As a result, it was
difficult to estimate the number of dorm consultants needed. The number of
students who currently own PCs is unknown. According to Scott Price `00,
dorm consultant manager, the proportion of the class of `02 with PC’s is
somewhere between fifty and sixty percent. The percentage of other students
with PC’s is presumably far smaller.

Currently the six PC dorm consultants are divided into three zones, with
two consultants in each. The assignments of the two new consultants have
yet to be determined. Sixteen dorm consultants are employed for Macintosh
support. According to Price, “The first couple of weeks of the semester are
always insane” as students arrive and must be connected to the network. Ben
Zhuk `01, PC dorm consultant, reported that he receives between three and
fifteen calls per day. He estimates that he now works about ten hours per
week, down from twenty at the beginning of the semester. Jaspal Singh `01,
a Macintosh dorm consultant last year and a PC dorm consultant this year,
observed that “Mac calls are painless, but PC calls can be a number of
different problems.” As a result of the hiring and diminishing demand for
dorm consultant’s time as the semester continues, it is hoped that PC
support services will soon be adequate. However, given the novelty of PC
support at Swarthmore, more time may be required to make an accurate
assessment of the number of dorm consultants needed.


2) World news roundup


Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan told the Senate Budget
Committee yesterday that he will push at the next meeting of the Federal
Open Market Committee
to cut interest rates. It is considered that the other ten members of the
FOMC will follow his lead when they meet on Tuesday. A cut in interest
rates probably would increase US investment abroad. In response, the
Brazilian stock market closed up almost 11%; the US market closed up 3.26%


The 15-nation UN Security Council demanded that Yugoslavian president
Slobodan Milosevic stop the fighting with Kosovo Albanian separatists.  The
vote was 14-0, with China abstaining. The Chinese Ambassador Qin told news
services that as the situation is stabilizing, Yugoslavian could solve
their internal affairs by themselves. Russia, which has cultural ties with
Serbs indicated that they backed the resolution because no force is yet
implied at this stage.  However, the Security Council will threaten
military force if the Serbs do not call for cease-fire and negotiation soon.


Sammy Sosa hit his 64th and 65th home runs yesterday in a game against the
Milwaukee Brewers, ending an 0-for-21 slump and tying McGwire’s record; the
Brewers still won the game 8-7… Indian prime minister Atal Behari
Jajpayee has agreed to signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; however
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told news services that he will wait
for the United States to take off the economic sanctions first… Retiring
African President Nelson Mandela became the 100th recipient of the
Congressional Gold Medal for dedicating his life to abolishing apartheid.
He is the first African to receive this honor.



1)  Men’s tennis team hosts Tim Berman Memorial

Over the weekend the team participated in the annual Tim Berman Memorial
held at Swarthmore. Other teams competing were Div. 1 Penn, Providence,
UConn, Georgetown, Boston University, Div. 2 Kutztown, and Div. 3 Kenyon
College. The tournament was dominated by Penn and Providence, but the
Garnet had wins in singles or doubles over all the other teams.


2)  Volleyball defeated by Neumann

Despite strong play from Jenny Yang ’00, Elisa Matula ’02, Holly Barton
’99, and Bonnie French ’01, the Garnet lost to visiting Neumann 3-0 (15-8,
15-6, 15-7). With last night’s result the team drops to 0-5 for the season.


3)  Men’s soccer blanked by Stephens Tech

In a non-conference game the Garnet were defeated 3-0 by the Stephens Tech
Ducks, dropping their record to 1-8 overall.


4)  Women’s soccer taken out by Franklin & Marshall

Goalie Sari Altschuler ’01 turned away 14 Diplomat shots, but the Garnet
Tide lost 4-1. Jen VanderVeer ’99 scored the lone Swarthmore goal. The team
is now 3-5 overall, 1-1 in the conference.


5)  Today and tomorrow’s contests


Field hockey travels to Lebanon Valley for 4 p.m. game.


Women’s tennis competes in the Eastern Rolex at the College of New Jersey.


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