Wednesday, September 23, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, September 23, 1998
Volume 3, Number 12


1)  Anti-police chalkings removed by administration

2)  World news roundup

3)  Campus events


1) Intramural scoreboard

2) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today: Sunny. High of 67.
Surprise, surprise… it’s back.

Tonight:  Mostly clear and cold. Low in the mid 30’s.
But can it last?

Tomorrow:  Sunny. High of 72.


1)  Chalkings removed by administration

Around 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning, Public Safety discovered at least nine
offensive chalkings on upper campus. The chalkings were anonymous, and were
apparently intended as insults toward either Swarthmore Public Safety or
borough police. The messages ranged from “Take a break, fat boy,” to
“donut-eating smelly butt-munch.” They were recorded by Public Safety, and
reported to the administration, which had groundskeeping remove them.

According to Tedd Goundie, Associate Dean of Student Life, the quick
clean-up was in accordance with the administration’s policy. “Because the
chalkings were demeaning to a group, offensive, and anonymous, following
our policy we had them removed,” said Goundie. The administration acted
similarly last semester, when several anonymous anti-white chalkings were
promptly removed by groundskeeping.

Goundie had doubts whether there were Swarthmore students involved,
mentioning that the chalkings might have been written by kids from the
Ville, who could resent being chased off campus by Public Safety or the
borough police when they skateboard here.

In general, out of the few students who were aware of the chalkings, most
had only heard about them. Some who did see the chalkings simply assumed
that they were part of the usual sidewalk advertising, or referred to an
inside joke.  


2)  World news roundup


Yesterday evening, troops from Botswana joined South African forces in
Lesotho, a country in the middle of South Africa, to put down fighting
which had swelled out of control early on Tuesday. Protestors in Lesotho
had been bombing government buildings and injuring cars that bear South
African license plates for weeks, claiming that elections held in May were
rigged. The situation in Lesotho was described to news services as
“anarchy” by a Botswanan official. After some heavy fighting, the forces
secured two military bases and the Royal Palace.


Defying weather forecasters’ expectations, Hurricane Georges changed course
and hit Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, on Tuesday.
Authorities failed to open shelters until hours after the wind and rain had
reached the capital. By then, the 110-mile-per-hour winds had flipped cars,
ripped roofs off houses and shattered many windows. The Dominican Republic
president says that the only thing left for residents to do is to “raise
their prayers to the Almighty.” The hurricane is expected to reach the
Florida Keys as early as Thursday. Tourists are urged to evacuate immediately.


Although critics predicted that the release of President Clinton’s
testimony on Monday would hurt his public standing, the latest opinion
polls show that his job performance rating has gone up 6%… A decree signed
by Russian President Boris Yeltsin yesterday, which adds several government
positions, indicates that Russia is returning to a system of greater
government intervention… Yeltsin is also expected to approve Valentina
Matviyenko, 49, as deputy prime minister in charge of social affairs
Thursday.  Matviyenko would be Russia’s first post-Soviet female in a
deputy prime minister position…  Serb and Yugoslav forces have seized at
least four more guerilla-held villages in Yugoslavia.  Ethnic Albanians
from 12 more cities fled to nearby forests.


3) Campus events

CP&P Resume Writing Workshop
Kohlberg 228, 7:00 p.m.

Shadowlight Theatre Performance
Pearson-Hall Theatre, LPAC, 8:00 p.m.

Mark Manuscript Study
Trotter 215, 8:00 p.m.

Latin Dancing
Tarble All-Campus Space, 9:00 p.m.

Earthlust Weekly Environmental Meeting
Parrish Commons Conference Area, 10:00 p.m.



1) Intramural scoreboard

 Over The Hill Gang – 2, AJP Loudspeakers – 0
 Wharton E/F – 3, The Anarchists – 0
 Mertz Marauders – 2, Willets – 0
 The Swingers – 2, I-20’s – 1
 Al’s Home Team – 2, Alien Attack – 0


2) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Women’s volleyball hosts Neumann at 7:00 p.m.
Men’s soccer hosts Stevens Tech at 4:00 p.m.
Women’s soccer visits Franklin & Marshall at 4:00 p.m.


Field hockey visits Lebanon Valley at 4:00 p.m.


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