Monday, April 20, 1998

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Swarthmore College
Monday, April 20, 1998
Volume 2, Number 121


1) Swarthmore offers merit scholarships in a move to compete

2) Sign welcoming queer prospective students anonymously removed

3) Juniors and fifth graders clean up at egg drop contest

4) McCabe Mile kicks up dust in otherwise dreary library basement

5) World news roundup

6) Campus events


1) Men’s tennis beats SUNY Binghampton

2) Track teams gear up for Penn Relays

3) Scoreboard


Today:     Some sun, breezy. High around 65.
            All you rising juniors hoping for singles:
Tonight:   Clear. Low near 40.
            Too bad — they’re all gone. Ha ha ha.
Tuesday:  More sun. High of 70.


1) Swarthmore offers merit scholarships in a move to compete

In a dramatic move designed to compete directly with large universities for
top prospective students, the college has decided to offer merit-based
scholarships to top students in the entering class. Over 100 prospective
members of the class of 2002 have been offered merit-based scholarships in
a program that will cost the college $800,000 over four years.

The Swarthmore Scholars program was approved quietly and hastily by the
Board of Managers earlier this year for a one year trial basis. There
apparently was no public debate or opportunity for student or faculty
comment. Individuals involved in admissions and financial aid issues
characterize the program as an “emergency response” on the part of
President Al Bloom, the Vice-President for Planning Paul Aslanian, and Dean
of Admissions Robin Mamlet to expanded scholarship programs at Princeton,
Yale, and Stanford, with whom Swarthmore competes for students.

The new scholarship program is aimed largely at middle class families; all
recipients were awarded financial aid in addition to the merit aid. The
program replaces the loan and summer work components of a financial aid
package with grants that need not be repaid. The program is administered by
the Admissions Office and not the Financial Aid Office.

The shift in aid policy has been largely unpublicized. Last night, in a
Peaslee Debate Society function for several dozen students, faculty, and
prospective students, students Tara Zahra and John Dolan, History Professor
Tim Burke, Political Science Professor Bruce Morrison debated the new
scholarships, marking perhaps the first public exchange on the issue.


2) Sign welcoming queer specs anonymously removed

For the second consecutive year, the “Welcome Queer Specs” banner has
mysteriously disappeared from the Tarble balcony. Displayed by members of
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) and Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), the banner
was last seen at approximately 1:00 a.m. Saturday. According to QSA member
Talia Young ’01, the banner was discovered missing around 7:30 a.m. on
Saturday. At press time, the banner had yet to be returned.

Young expressed her concerns with the behavior of the alleged thieves: “I
find this incident particularly disturbing in its repetition and its
anonymity. If someone … had concerns or issues with our banner … I
think it’s perfectly valid and important to discuss them with us. But I
think it’s rude and inappropriate to anonymously remove the banner without
consulting, asking or discussing it with us.”

That sentiment was echoed by SQU member Julie Russo ’00, who sent an e-mail
to Dean of Admissions Robin Mamlet and the rest of the deans staff. In that
message Russo added, “‘Welcome Queer Specs’… is a positive message that
everyone in this community should be able to agree with … I consider
stealing the sign to be an act of harassment, but what is more important to
us right now is that the sign is the property of SQU, and we would like it

Other students and perspective students also had negative reactions to the
theft. Yoni Brodski ’01 told the Gazette, “I think it’s a disgrace that
anyone would go to such measures as to violate someone else’s freedom of
expression by stealing the banner. I think this as a sad comment on the
school.” Prospective student Kevin Setter agreed, “That occurrence
definitely does not fit with my image of Swarthmore.  I have always thought
of it as a tolerant place.”


3) Juniors and fifth graders clean up at egg drop contest

Yesterday’s egg drop contest saw fierce competition from engineers and
non-engineers alike. The 3rd place winner was Erin Cheever, age 12 and
daughter of Engineering professor Erik Cheever, who created a container
filled with corn starch and coke.  The mixture was heavier than the egg and
allowed it to “float” in its fall. Desiree Joseph ‘9, an engineering major
used balloons to cushion her egg’s flight from the roof of Hicks for a
second place finish. Juniors Nate Hanson and Tim Bragg created a hollowed
out watermelon filled with watermelon Jell-O to finish first in the
contest. All three eggs survived the toss unbroken and were scored based on
quickest time to reach the ground.


4) McCabe Mile kicks up dust in otherwise dreary library basement

Officiated by Mason Tootell ’99, the McCabe Mile took place in McCabe
basement last night. Graham Lucks ’98 took first place and Danielle Wall
’98 came in first for the women. Two prospective students also
participated. Winners received the traditional toilet paper roll. This race
is third in the series of races which include the 4 x doughnut and the 4 x


5) World news roundup


At the Summit of the Americas on Sunday, leaders of the Western
Hemisphere’s 34 countries approved a plan to begin negotiations to
establish a hemispheric duty-free trade zone by 2005. Negotiations are set
to formally begin in September. President Clinton said the establishment of
the free trade zone will be a difficult process, especially since democracy
is still fragile in some parts of the hemisphere. Cuba’s absence from the
Summit was noted numerous times. The free trade zone will virtually
eliminate all tariffs and duties on all goods and services traded from
Alaska in the north to Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of South
America. The Summit also set up an Alliance Against Drugs to better
coordinate the war on drugs within the Americas.


A teenager awaiting trial in a Maryland murder case was found dead in his
cell on Saturday. The case had entered the international arena because the
case’s co-defendant is fighting extradition to the U.S. from Israel.
Eighteen year-old Aaron Needle had not been on a suicide watch because
authorities believed there were no indications of suicidal tendencies.
Needle, who pleaded innocent last week, was set to stand trial for the
dismemberment and burning of Alfred Tello, Jr. whose remains were found in
September. Samuel Sheinbein, 17, was also charged in the case but avoided
arrest by fleeing to Israel. The prosecution is expected to finish its
summation of Sheinbein’s extradition next month.


Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, delayed its
vote on the Northern Ireland peace accord, while on Saturday the main
Northern Ireland Protestant party approved the accord. … Tiananmen leader
Wang Dan arrived in the U.S. on Sunday immediately following his release
from prison on medical grounds. … Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu accepted the idea of London peace talks. … The infiltration of
the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas and the bombing of the federal
building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma both marked the anniversary of their
tragedies with ceremonies of remembrance. … Linda McCartney, wife of
former Beatle Paul McCartney, died of breast cancer at the age of 56 on


6) Campus events

Howard Hughes Lecture by Dianna M. Milewicz, M.D./Ph.D, Director of Medical
Genetics at University of Texas-Houston entitled, “Human Genetic Disorders
Resulting from Mutations in the Fibrillin Proteins.”
4:30 p.m., Kirby Lecture Hall, Martin

Earth Week movie, National Geographic Special: “Wildlife Warriors:
Defending Africa’s Animals.”
8 p.m., Kirby Lecture Hall, Martin

Housing Lottery for rising Juniors
7 p.m., Tarble Gym



1) Men’s tennis beats SUNY Binghampton

The men’s tennis team defeated visiting SUNY Binghampton 4-3 on Friday. The
doubles teams of Jon Temin ’00 and John Leary ’00, Roger Werner ’98 and
Nick Slimack ’99, and Greg Emkey ’99 and Pete Schilla ’01 were all
victorious for the one doubles point. In singles, Leary, Emkey and Schilla
each won, securing the Garnet victory. Temin lost on the third set on a
tie-breaker 8-6.


2) Track teams gear up for Penn Relays

The men’s and women’s track teams warmed up for the Penn Relays with a
strong showing at the Widener Invitational Saturday. On the women’s side,
both Desiree Peterkin ’00 and Catherine Laine ’98 qualified provisionally
for the NCAA meet in the triple jump, while the 4X100 meter relay was one
solid handoff away from qualifying. Sarah Jay ’01 and Danielle Wall ’98
each had significant personal records in the 1500 and 3000 meter races
respectively, while the 4X400 meter relay was less than 2 seconds away from
the school record with a dramatic second place finish that included the
beating of esteemed Lincoln University.

On the men’s side, the Garnet had strong showings by Graham Lucks ’98 and
Marc Jeuland ’01 in the 5000 meter run, as well as a solid second place
performance by Steve Dawson ’00 in the high jump. Keith Gilmore ’01 had a
monster day in the 200 meters and both the 4X100 and 4X400 meter relays,
the latter of which had a solid outing versus the packed field at Quick


3) Scoreboard

Women’s Lacrosse
 Swarthmore 9   Franklin & Marshall 10  (2OT)

Men’s lacrosse
 Swarthmore 3   Gettysburg 22

 Swarthmore 17  Lehman  2
  Michelle Walsh ’98 had a 2 run double and a  3 run home run.
 Swarthmore 16  Lehman 8
  Jean Quinn ’99 had a 3 run home run as Kate Fama ’01 picked up her first

 Swarthmore 2   Gettysburg 5
 Swarthmore 4   Gettysburg 14

Women’s tennis
 Swarthmore 0   College of New Jersey 9

Women’s rugby
 Swarthmore 5    Penn State 12
 Swarthmore 10  West Chester 15
 Swarthmore 12  Shippensburg
 Swarthmore 15  York 0

Men’s rugby
 Swarthmore 32  Temple 12
 Swarthmore 24  Lock Haven 20
 Swarthmore 12  West Chester 32  Championship Round

Women’s ultimate
 Swarthmore 9    Penn State 1
 Swarthmore 8    Rutgers 11
 Swarthmore 11  University of Delaware 3
 Swarthmore 11  Penn State 1
 Swarthmore 10  University of Pennsylvania 13
 Swarthmore 9    University of Delaware 2
 Swarthmore 11  Princeton 0

Men’s ultimate
 Swarthmore 2    Bucknell 13
 Swarthmore 13  Eastern 2
 Swarthmore 13  ESU 0
 Swarthmore 13  Lehigh 10
 Swarthmore 9    University of Pennsylvania 12
 Swarthmore 15  Carnegie Mellon 16


4) Upcoming Events

 Golf hosts Pharmacy, Messiah and Penn in a 1:00 p.m. contest.

 Softball hosts Albright for a 4:00 p.m. game.
 Baseball jets to Ursinus for a 3:30 p.m. game.
 Men’s tennis hosts Haverford for a 3:00 p.m. match.

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