Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, February 18, 1998
Volume 2, Number 83


1) Marc Noland speaks on Asian financial crisis

2) Found: cutest couple on campus

3) World news roundup


1)  Badminton wins tight game

2) Scoreboard

3) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:       Sunny early, then rain in afternoon. High of 55.
              Polartech(tm) with a wind-breaker shell will be comfy.
Tonight:     More rain likely. Low around 40.
              Why can’t they make Polartech(tm) that stops wind?
Thursday:  You want sun? Tough. Rain likely. High near 55.


1) Marc Noland speaks on Asian financial crisis

Exchange rate misallignments, underdeveloped financial institutions in
East Asian countries, and the inherent volatility of those economies
caused the current East Asian finiancial crisis, Marc Noland ’81 told
the audience which filled Dupont Lecture Hall Tuesday. Noland, a senior
fellow with the Institute for International Economics, went on to
explain that he believes the crisis was sparked by a series of price
and liquidity shocks in 1997. Noland then presented several ideas about
how international institutions should be restructured to prevent such
crises in the future.

In Noland’s opinion, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
have seen their roles converge in recent years, while their share of
capital that flows to developing countries has shrunk dramatically.
Noland suggested that those institutions merge and focus on consulting
and technical asistance, while the role of bailing out economies in
crisis should be played by a new self-regulation private insurance
mechanism. He believes that such an institution would loan funds at
special low interest rates to countries with transparent financial
systems, creating the proper incentives for countries to create
responsible financial institutions and insure one another.  

Noland also stated that the primary effect of the crisis on the US will
be to increase our trade deficit with Japan and South Korea. Noland
warned that this increase might lead to trade tensions, such as
lawsuits between governements through the World Trade Organization.
Overall, he said, some sectors of the US economy, such as those which
produce the same products produced in South Korea, will be hurt, while
sectors of the US economy which rely on imports from East Asia will

Earlier in the day, Noland spoke about the North Korean economy before
members of the Asian Economies class. He explained that North Korea’s
unique economic policies have led to dramatic resource misallocations–
for example, such a small, mountainous country should not be trying to
grow all of its own rice. Noland said that the North Korean leadership
has been using a “comparative advantage in making threats” to force the
world to deliver energy aid, while only trade liberalization could
truly turn the country’s economy around.  Noland also presented some of
his research on how much a reunification of North and South Korea would
cost under varying scenarios.


2) Found: cutest couple on campus

International Club did, as advertised, pick a “best couple” at their
formal held on Saturday, February 7th. John Loser ’00 and Lynne
DeSilva-Johnson ’01 were chosen and awarded $50 to spend on dinner in
Philadelphia. “We were in the back getting drinks,” Loser said,
explaining why their names had to be called out for five minutes.

DeSilva and Loser made no special effort to obtain the award; in fact,
they had “no idea” an award was going to be handed out, according to
Loser. “We bought food and had dinner at home on Valentine’s day,”
Loser explained.


3) World news roundup


Downhill Combined (women)
    Gold–Katja Seizinger of Germany
    Silver–Martina Ertl of Germany
    Bronze–Hilde Gerg of Germany

Ice Hockey (women)
    Gold–United States

Ski Jumping: Team 120-meter Hill (men)

10K Speedskating (men)
    Gold–Gianni Romme of the Netherlands
    Silver–Bob De Jong of the Netherlands
    Bronze–Rintje Ritsma of the Netherlands

Short track speedskating: 1000 meters (men)
    Gold–Dong-Sung Kim of South Korea
    Silver–Jiajun Li of the People’s Republic of China
    Bronze–Eric Bedard of Canada

Short track speedskating: 3000 meter relay (women)
    Gold–South Korea
    Silver–People’s Republic of China


United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced Tuesday that he
would travel to Baghdad and attempt to stave off international military
action against Iraq. Iraq has refused to grant U.N. weapons inspectors
access to several sites. Annan will leave Thursday from New York and
travel to Paris before reaching Baghdad on Friday. All of the members
of the U.N. Security Council, including the United States, are backing
the secretary-general’s mission, though the U.S. is still preparing for
a military strike should Annan’s mission fail, according to White House
spokesman Joe Lockhart. The armed wing of the militant group Hamas has
vowed to carry out attacks against Israel if the United States takes
military action against Iraq.


As the movie Titanic steamed to its ninth consecutie week atop the U.S.
Box office ticket sales charts, a volume of distress signals from the
real ship sold for $123,500 to an anonymous bidder at Christie’s. …
An American wrestling squad travelled to Teheran to compete in the
Takhti Cup, marking the first time a U.S. Team has visited to Iran
since the 1979 revolution. … Nobel Laureate Dario Fo has called for
an investigation into charges that police officers orchestrated the
1973 gang-rape of his wife because of her leftist political stance.



1)  Badminton wins tight game

The Swarthmore badminton team pulled out a 3-2 win against Bryn Athen.
First singles of Tam Doan ’98 won with scores of 9-11, 11-8, 11-6.
Second singles of Wendy Kemp ’99 won in straight sets 11-7, 11-5.
Second doubles of Siobhan Carty ’01 and Jane Ng ’01 won a close match
18-15, 9-15, 15-12.  The team improved its season record to 4-1, and is
currently tied with Albright for first place in the conference.


2) Scoreboard

Women’s basketball:
 Muhlenberg 54, Swarthmore 27.


3) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests

Men’s basketball takes on Muhlenberg in an 8:00 p.m. home game.

Women’s basketball hosts Gwynedd Mercy at 7:00 p.m.
Badminton travels to Albright for a 7:00 p.m. match.


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