Monday, February 2, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

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Monday, February 2, 1998
Volume 2, Number 71


1)  Inspirational Event kicks off Black History Month

2)  Varsity sports spring into preseason

3)  World News Roundup


1)  Wrestling takes one of three at quad meet

2)  Varsity scoreboard

3)  Intramural scoreboard

4)  Today’s and tomorrow’s events


Today:   Clear early, becoming cloudy in afternoon. High of 50.
          Don’t count winter out yet — big storm later this week.
Tonight: Overcast. Low near 30.
          You can practice wearing that heavy coat if you go out tonight.
Tuesday: Cloudy, rain late. High around 45.


1)  Inspirational event kicks off Black History Month

Saturday evening, a mix of people of different ages and ethnicities gathered in the Intercultural Center to inaugurate Black History Month with poetry, song, and sharing. Kia Hayes ’00, one of the poets featured, said “it was a way to demonstrate the purpose of Black History.” Also featured was the a capella group Black Coffee, as well as poets Nia Wright ’00, Zenzile Stokely-White ’00, and Kimberly Foote ’00. The emphasis was on participation, not performance, as the open mike time allowed people attending to express their feelings and reactions. Hayes reports that “the open mike was a powerful thing because they were touched by the poetry and song…some people were about to cry.”

Rohan Hoole ’00 reports “I was impressed by the amount of talent and connection with [the poets’] history. I’m pretty cynical about student poetry, but it’s a pretty incredible group of people.” The event was organized by first-years Rodney Morris and Demetra Ray and emceed by senior Nancy Benson-Nicol. To find out more, refer to Friday’s mailing for more events related to the celebration of Black History Month, and visit the Black Cultural Center. The BCC library is open 1-5 p.m. every day and 6-10 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

2) Varsity sports spring into preseason

Preparations are underway for what promises to be a competitive season for spring sports as preseason practices commence. The Daily Gazette was able to speak briefly with experienced athletes from many of the teams to get a feel for what this season might bring.

The softball team welcomes back six returning players: three seniors, two juniors, and a sophomore. A huge recruiting class of 8 talented freshmen will round out the team. While six softballers are busy playing basketball, the remainig die-hards are gearing up for their annual spring training trip to Ft. Pierce, FL. “The theme for this year is RESPECT,” commented senior captain and starting pitcher Dana Lehman.  

The baseball crew is also happy to have the benefit of experience; they will be fielding ten returning players, including two members of the class of ’98 added to the strength of six new players. Andrew Lund ’99 expressed the team’s goals for this season, stating “of course we want to win the conference. I’d feel silly committing that much time to it if we were happy with being a .500 team.”

If you are out and about at 6:15 a.m., you might spy the men’s lacrosse squad preparing for a competitive season.  Men’s lax went 0-13 last year, but with the abilities of nine returning starters and eight experienced seniors overall, practices have been progressing very well. Captain Aaron Hultgren ’98 told the Gazette “we hope to continue our tradition of hard work and sportsmanship and, through that, to get back on our feet and establish a competitive program.”

The women’s lacrosse team hopes to repeat of last year’s stellar season, despite the loss of nine seniors. They have two returning seniors, as well as some experienced players returning from studies abroad. “The underclass looks good,” said Betsy Rosenbaum ’98. “I expect a solid season with contributions from every class.”

The women’s tennis team has begun their activity for the spring with a rigorous physical conditioning regiment and concentration on basic skills.  This squad, which has two returning seniors along with several other veterans, is looking forward to a season driven by “mental toughness and match-by-match consistency,” according to Rani Shankar ’98.  They will be playing indoors until their spring break training trip to Hilton Head, after which their spring season will begin in earnest.

Men’s tennis is going strong, having just competed in a match against Division I adversary University of Pennsylvania yesterday. They lost a well-fought contest although Greg Emkey ’99 and Dennis Mook ’01 won their doubles match.  Emkey reports that, “everyone had close matches up and down the line.”  His expectations for this young team are high. “The goal for this year is to get to the NCAA Final Four on a national level.” The team also looks forward to hosting the NCAA regional tournament here on campus.  


2)  World news roundup


US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson said that Great Britain and two other unnamed countries had agreed to support the use of force against Iraq, if necessary, while House Speaker Newt Gingrich urged other nations to increase the international pressure on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to comply with UN arms inspection teams. However, Saudi officials say that they will not allow their territory to be used as a base for an American attack against Iraq. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright arrived in Saudi Arabia Sunday evening. Over the weekend, she warned Iraq that the US would respond militarily to any Iraqi attacks on Israel or other countries in the region. Israel has also warned that it will respond militarily to any Iraqi aggression. Meanwhile, thousands of Iraqi civilians reported for civil defense training.


Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met over the weekend with both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Arafat, and both agreed to send envoys to Washington DC next week to discuss an American peace plan. Both leaders have already rejected the plan, which calls for a phased Israeli withdrawal from an additional 10 percent of the West Bank. Palestinians says that the plan does not promise enough land, while Israelis say the plan does not address their concerns about security. Street fighting between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers along the dividing line in Bethlehem on Sunday led briefly to a face-off between the soldiers and the Palestinian Authority’s police force.


Chinese Vice-Premier Li Lanquing announced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that China has no intention of devaluing the yuan. … Thousands of Northern Irish Catholics marched in Londonderry to commemorate the 1972 shooting of 13 protestors on “Bloody Sunday.” … A six-and-a-half year strike between Las Vegas’ Frontier Hotel-Casino and the Culinary Union, the longest strike in the US in over 30 years, ended when a new owner purchased the casino and promised its workers a union contract.



1)  Wrestling takes one of three at quad meet

The Swarthmore wrestling team traveled to Washington & Lee for a four way Centennial Conference meet.  The men’s team jumped on Washington & Lee 27-15 to start the day with a pin by Adrian Wilson ’99.  Winners by decision were Ben Gaines ’01, Alejandro Montero ’00 and Alec Stall ’98. Pete Balvanz ’98 won a technical decision and Frank Yeo ’01 won by forfeit. The Garnet were subsequently beaten 39-7 by Ursinus with Stall and Balvanz winning by decision. In their final match of the day, the Garnet were blanked by Western Maryland 44-0.  The weekend brought the Garnet to 8-13 overall and 1-4 in Centennial Conference action. The Garnet’s tri-meet versus Haverford and La Salle has been canceled due to those schools’ dropping of their programs. The wrestling team will next see action on Saturday, February 7th in an 11:00 a.m. meet at Wesleyan.


2)  Varsity scoreboard

  Men’s Basketball:
        Gettysburg 61, Swarthmore 47
  Women’s Basketball:
Franklin & Marshall 56, Swarthmore 39
  Men’s Swimming:
Gettysburg 139, Swarthmore 66
  Women’s Swimming:
        Gettysburg 133, Swarthmore 72
Swarthmore 27, Washington & Lee 15
Ursinus 39, Swarthmore 7
Western Maryland 44, Swarthmore 0
Results from the track team’s trip to the Wesleyan Invitational will be posted in tomorrow’s Gazette.


3)   Intramural scoreboard

Thursday, January 29
     Joelie & The Pussycats  6      Devil’s Princesses    2      
     Mink’s Marauders         9      Willets Hoodlums      2
     Jimmy Z’s BBQ              6      Faculty/Staff             5
     We Have Tim    14       PPR                     5
     Parrish            10              Can-Opener of Whoopie          6
Saturday, January 31
     Faculty/Staff         10          Willet’s Hoodlums       0
     Mink’s Marauders    3          Joelie & the Cats         2
    Jimmy Z’s BBQ          8          Devil’s Princesses      3
    The Loogies           2             Digging For All We’re Worth  0
    Hikers & Bikers   2             Bob-The Legend II                   0
    Secret Ninjas        2             Pacific Rim                             0
    Fetter’s Follies    54          Los Lobos       40
    B A Barakus         56          Al Roker        30
    Skinny Tools forfeit win over Hultgren’s Halfwits
    No Code            48              Broken Language  38
    Has-Been’s      62              Amar’s Army      48
    The FUN Team    11              Mertz       9


A total of 8 participants gathered to partake in the First IM Pool Tournament. Jon Charen ’98 took first place honors. Second place went to Daniel Schwartz ’01.

4)    Today’s and tomorrow’s events

There are no contests scheduled for today.

Badminton’s match with Harcum has been cancelled.


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