Thursday, January 22, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Thursday, January 22, 1998
Volume 2, Number 64


1)  Search committee settles on eight finalists for Dean of the College

2)  Upcoming movies on campus

3)  World news roundup


1)  Women’s basketball loses home opener to Washington

2)  Swim team taken out by John Hopkins

3)  Men’s basketball and wrestling results

4)  Scoreboard

5)  Intramural scoreboard

6)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:   Partially overcast, light winds. High near 40.  The DG is
          back! Oh wait, that means classes started. Shoot.
Tonight: Snow, then sleet, then freezing rain. Really. Low of 25.
          This would not be the best time to try out that new tent.
Friday:  Rain. Lots of it. High around 40.


1)  Search committee settles on eight finalists for Dean of the College

The Dean Search Committee met last Saturday to process the 114 applications
received for the position of Dean of the College, vacated by Ngina Lythcott
last spring. According to Mark Jacobs, the committee chair, the
applications were a “big mixture” of assistant and associate deans from
institutions ranging from small colleges to state universities.

After Saturday’s meeting, the committee pared the group down to eight
semi-finalists. Jacobs said that no particular type of background was
favored, but experience was the major factor in making the decision.
Interim Dean of the College Bob Gross is seeking the position and was
chosen as one of the final eight candiates, according to Jacobs.

The committee plans to research each candidate’s references and meet again
on Thursday. A panel of students will interview the candidates and help
eliminate candidates for the next round where three to four finalists will
be invited to campus for a whirlwind tour. Committee members hope to make a
decision by early April, Jacobs said.

Those interested in being on the interviewing panel or speaking with
members of the search committee should contact student members Amy Albert,
Josh Alloy, or Hugh Weber.


2)  Upcoming movies on campus

UNDERGROUND          Thursday, 1/22  10:00        DuPont
An underground weapons factory in Belgrade during WWII keeps making weapons
since no one tells them the war is over. Director Emir Kusturica won the
Palme d’Or at Cannes. (Fantasy/satire, 192 minutes, 1995:
France/Germany/Hungary. Original title: Il était une fois un pays)

CITIZEN RUTH          Friday, 1/23     7:30        WRC
Drug-user Ruth Stoops (Laura Dern) gets pregnant, and becomes involved in
various pro-choice vs. pro-life hijinks. (Comedy, 102 minutes, 1996)

THE FULL MONTY                         Friday, 1/23     7:30, 10:00    LPAC
After losing their jobs, factory workers lose their clothes, turning to
male stripping as a career. (Comedy, 90 minutes, 1997: England)

ENTER THE DRAGON                       Saturday, 1/24   7:30, 10:00    LPAC
A master martial artist (Bruce Lee) competes in a crime lord’s annual
fighting tournament. The best kung-fu film ever made; co-stars John Saxon
and Jim “Black Belt Jones” Kelly II. (Action, 99 minutes, 1973)

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK              Saturday 1/24    7:30            WRC
Stories about abortion in the 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s, featuring Cher, Demi
Moore, and Jada Pinkett. Made for HBO. (Drama, 95 minutes, 1996)


3)  World news roundup


Senator Christopher Bond has suggested an “emergency prohibition” on the
cloning of humans in response to Chicago scientist Richard Seed’s
announcement that he will attempt to clone a human. Bond reasoned that
“while we may be prepared from a technological standpoint to proceed with
this research, we are not prepared from an ethical standpoint.” The
soon-to-be-proposed bill will impose fines of $250000 on individuals and
$500,000 on companies who attempt human cloning. However, Bond promised
that the ban will not impede research on infertility treatments. Seed
replied that he would move his research to Mexico.


Arriving in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
asked that Israel withdraw from the West Bank. “I’m not asking for the
moon; I’m asking for what was signed at the White House,” he commented,
referring to the 1993 and 1995 peace treaties signed with assassinated
Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin. Current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu refused. “We’ll not ever be pressured into jeopardizing our own
security,” he declared.  To appease both sides, the White House is
proposing that Israel cede the territory in small portions while Palestine
agrees to concrete actions to maintain Israeli security.


Masquerading as drug dealers, FBI agents arrested 44 Cleveland area police
officers who are now accused of taking bribes to protect cocaine
dealers…. In an interview with PBS anchor Jim Lehrer, President Clinton
denied allegations of sexual misconduct from Monica Lewinsky, a former
White House intern…. On a historic trip, Pope John Paul was welcomed by
Fidel Castro in Havana. While the pope attempts to gain more freedom for
the Catholic Church in Cuba, Castro hopes that papal recognition will help
persuade the US to lift its trade embargo.



1)  Women’s basketball loses home opener to Washington

The women’s basketball team lost its first home game yesterday to
Washington, 68-43. Heather Marandola ’01 led the Lady Garnet with 11 points
and nine rebounds. Jean Quinn ’99 scored nine points and posted 14
rebounds. Michelle Walsh ’98 and Kristen English ’01 each scored seven
points. English had three assists and three steals, both team highs for the
Lady Garnet. The loss brings the Lady Garnet to 1-3 for the season, and 0-2
in the Centennial Conference.


2)  Swim team is taken out by John Hopkins

Broken down from their long training trip in St. Croix, the men’s and
women’s swimming teams faced tough competition from John Hopkins last
night. The men’s team lost 138-67 and the women’s team lost 165-42. The
400 medley relay team of Andy Robbins ’98, Fred Gerson ’99, Ryan Fruh ’99,
and Carl Sanders ’98 came in first place with Fruh swimming his fastest
in-season split in the 100 yd butterfly. Freshman Ted Scherer won the 200
yd breaststroke. Gerry Kaufman ’99 and Gabe Turzo ’01 qualified for the
Centenial Conference Championships in the 200 yd freestyle.  Molly Marino
’98 and Mari McCrann ’00 also had good races in their distance events.


3)  Men’s basketball and wrestling results

Results from Wednesday night’s men’s basketball game at Muhlenberg and
wrestling meet at the University of Pennsylvania arrived after deadline and
will appear in tomorrow’s edition of The Daily Gazette.


4)  Scoreboard

Women’s Basketball
   January 10th: Swarthmore 51, Delaware Valley 45
   January 12th: Gettysburg 63, Swarthmore 52
   January 14th: Swarthmore 58, Bryn Mawr 28
   January 17th: Dickinson 57, Swarthmore 53
Men’s Basketball
   January 5th: Yale 75, Swarthmore 51
   January 9th: Skidmore 86, Swarthmore 69
   January 10th: Union 82, Swarthmore 38
   January 15th: Washington 86, Swarthmore 64
   January 17th: Ursinus 80, Swarthmore 71
   January 7th: Swarthmore 36, Lebanon Valley 12
   January 10th: Davidson 26, Swarthmore 6
   January 14th: Swarthmore 40, Centenary 12
   January 16th: Roger Williams 30, Swarthmore 9


5)  Intramural Scoreboard
   Tuesday, January 20
The Secret Ninjas 2, The Loogies 0
Forgettabout It 2, Digging For All We’re Worth 0
Bob The Legend II, Hikers & Bikers both won by forfeit
Non-comp basketball
Al Roker 39, Hultgren’s Halfwits 33
B.A. Baracas, Skinny Awkward Tools both won by forfeit
Comp basketball
Amar’s Army 60, Has-Beens 57 in double overtime
No Code 30, Broken Language 29


5)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests

Badminton hosts Albright at 7:30 p.m.
Women’s Basketball jets to Ursinus for a 7:00 p.m. game.

There are no contests scheduled for tomorrow.


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