Tuesday, May 6, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, May 6, 1997
Volume 1, Number 67


1)  Dean Ngina Lythcott resigns

2)  Strike halts Trotter work

3)  Meyers, Plost elected SC co-chairs


1)  All-Conference teams for baseball and softball

2)  Intramural’s in-line skating race results

3)  The weekend’s complete results: track and field, women’s ultimate,
men’s rugby

4)  Upcoming contests

Today:  Rain, possible thunderstorm.  High of 65.
Tonight:  Mostly clear, cooling off.  Low around 40.
Wednesday:  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! — especially for you honors students.

 (Mostly sunny, very windy.  High around 65.)


An article in yesterday’s edition of The Daily Gazette quoted Budget
Committee treasurer Vincent Jones ’98 as saying that this was the first
year in recent memory that Student Council formally reviewed BC’s annual
budget. Student Council members said today that they remember reviewing
last year’s budget.


This is the last Daily Gazette of the semester. We will resume publication
in the fall. Have a wonderful summer!

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The Daily Gazette extends congratulations and best wishes to the graduating
seniors on its staff: David Lischer, Eric Pakurar and Sylvia Weedman.


1)  Dean Ngina Lythcott resigns

In a letter to students yesterday, Dean of the College Ngina Lythcott
announced her resignation effective June 30, 1997.

Lythcott has been Dean of the College for five years,although prior to her
time at Swarthmore, she taught.  In her letter distributed to students in
the afternoon, she gave no specific reasons for her resignation, but
praised the school and the students, noting how important it has been to
her to work “with individual students on their academic advisement and
personal development.”

Although she will remain in the Swarthmore area next year, she expressed an
interest in publishing several articles requested by her colleagues in a
variety of fields.

Students expressed surprise at the resignation, but of the ten students
interviewed by The Daily Gazette, none wished to be quoted.


2)  Strike halts Trotter work

Carpenters and painters working on the Trotter Hall renovation project are
out on strike, said Larry Schall, associate vice president for facilities
and services.

Schall said the workers’ contracts expired, and they are in the process of
negotiating new contracts. The strike is against contractors, not the

He said he hopes that the strike will end soon and that the renovation will
still end on schedule.


3)  Meyers, Plost elected SC co-chairs

Student Council last night elected Mandara Meyers ’99 and Ari Plost ’98 as
its co-chairs for next semester, Council members said. They replace
outgoing SC leaders Sean Barney ’98 and Naomi Michlin ’98.

Plost said his main goals for next semester are to make SC more effective
by using a structured voting procedure and to send liasons to student
groups so that SC can better serve the student body.

Meyers said she decided to run for co-chair at the last minute, and has yet
to meet with Plost to discuss plans for next semester.



1)  All-Conference teams for baseball and softball

Catcher Patrick Straub ’97 was named first-team All-Centennial Conference
for baseball. Shortstop Jeremy Bonder ’97 was named to the second-team. The
softball team also had two players recognized by the conference coaches.
Michelle Walsh ’97 was named to the second-team outfield. Apryl Dunning ’99
was also named to the second-team as a designated player.


2)  Intramural’s in-line skating race results

Swarthmore intramurals held its second annual in-line skating race
yesterday on a course laid out over the campus.  Andrea Johnson ’98 won the
advanced division long course race, while Shilpi Chandra ’97 won the novice
event.  The short course race was not held.


3)  The weekend’s complete results

Centennial Conference Championships
1  Gettysburg, 150.0
2  Haverford, 124.0
3  Swarthmore, 114.0
4  Dickinson, 106.0
5  Johns Hopkins, 84.0
6  Western Maryland, 79.0
7  F&M, 51.0
8  Ursinus, 17.0
9  Muhlenberg, 13.0

The medalists for Swarthmore:
  The 4x100m relay of Danielle Duffy ’98, Desiree Peterkin ’00, Catherine
Laine ’98, and Jill Wildonger ’97 set a meet and conference record with
their first-place time of 50.29.
  Peterkin and Laine placed 1-3 in the triple jump, each with a NCAA
qualifying mark of 37’6″ and 36’6.75″ respectively.  Peterkin also brought
home a silver in the long jump.
  Laine placed second in the 100m hurdles with a provisional NCAA time of
15.10, and took the bronze in the 200m dash.
  Duffy and Wildonger went 1-2 in the 400m dash, Duffy crossing the line
with a full two-second buffer between herself and any other competitor.
  Stephanie Herring ’99 placed third in the high jump with a leap of 4’10”.
  Laine, Herring, Duffy, and Wildonger placed second in the 4x400m relay
with a time of 4:07.96.
  Heather Mateyak ’97 picked up points for Swarthmore in all three throws,
as did Alison Schirmer ’97 in the 10,000m run and Danielle Wall ’98 in the
1500m run.

Centennial Conference Championships
1  Haverford, 222.0
2  Swarthmore, 120.0
3  Western Maryland, 97.0
4  Gettysburg, 77.0
5  Dickinson, 75.0
6  F&M, 54.0
7  Johns Hopkins, 51.0
8  Ursinus, 50.0
9  Muhlenberg, 28.0

  Swarthmore owed the strength of its performance to the non-medal (4th
through 8th place) points it picked up.  The Garnet throws squad especially
came through, with Eric Walton ’97, George Bealefeld ’99, and Dan Fanaras
’99 all scoring points in the disc when none were expected.  Walton also
picked up points in the javelin and shot put.
  Mason Tootell ’99 broke the school record in the javelin by a full five
feet to place second in the event.  Will Dulaney ’97 also broke the school
record — but only by three feet — and placed third.  Tootell also placed
third in the 110m high hurdles.
  Shan Sutherland ’97 won the pole vault with a 13′ performance, an entire
foot higher than second place.
  Eric Pakurar ’97 took the gold medal in the 400m intermediate hurdles
with a season-best time of 55.49.
  Steve Dawson ’00 placed second in the high jump at 6’6″.
  The 4x400m relay of Tootell, Pakurar, Walid Gellad ’97, and Amber
Thompson ’97 was hindered by the brawl between the F&M and Western Maryland
anchor legs, but placed second in the event with a season-best time of
3:23.53 nonetheless.

Regional Championships at UNC-Wilmington
  UNC-Wilmington 13  Swarthmore 4
  ECU 13   Swarthmore 12
  Rutgers 13  Swarthmore 4
  UPenn 11  Swarthmore 5
  Swarthmore 10  UNC-Chapel Hill 9
  ECU 13  Swarthmore 5

The Warmothers ended their season on a high note this weekend at Regionals
in Wilmington, NC, playing well against first seeded UNC-Wilmington and
nationally-recognized ECU through heavy wind, rain, and thunder.  Play
continued for ten hours on Saturday, ending with a long, cold, hard fought
game with UPenn.  The Warmothers brought a higher level of play to their
final round-robin game Sunday morning, avenging a March loss to UNC-Chapel
Hill (Pleides) with a 10-9 victory.

Seniors Katy Harrod and Gena Merliss further showed their skilled play and
dedication to the team with hot catches that continued even after they were
injured, and Becca Neff was unstoppable in the end-zone of the UNC-Chapel
Hill game. Overall the weekend was an amazing end to an amazing season. The
connections among the team, both on and off the field, created by a long,
successful and fun season, helped bring the Warmothers to a new level of
play, earning them respect within both their Section and their Region, and
proving that after only 3 years in existence they can compete on a national

Swarthmore 12, Drexel 3
The Buzzards beat visiting Drexel on a muddy day at DuPont field with tries
from Tony Sturm ’99 and Elijah Porter ’99. With three starters out for the
game, Lou Basenese ’00, Ryan Madder ’00 and Dave Brown ’00 stepped up their
level of play in each’s first career start.

Sturm and Jason Sturm ’97 were elected team MVPs at the team’s banquet
Sunday night.


4)  Upcoming contests

Women’s lacrosse takes on Hartwick at Ursinus at noon in the first round of
the ECAC Championship Competition.  The victor will advance to the finals
with the winner of the Gettysburg-Ursinus game.

Track and field travels to Widener for the Mid-Atlantic Regional meet.


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