Tuesday, February 25, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, February 25, 1997
Volume 1, Number 24


1) Dr. Joel Fish, sport psychologist, speaks to students

2) World news roundup


1)  Swarthmore wins tie-breaker and earns spot in men’s hoops playoffs

2)  Swimming conference meet results

3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


1) Dr. Joel Fish, sport psychologist, speaks to students

Dr. Joel Fish, PhD addressed Swarthmore students last night in a
presentation geared towards balancing the pressures of athletics and
academics in a college setting. Fish, who has worked with the Phillies,
76ers, U.S. National Gymnastics Team, and U.S. National Women’s Soccer
Team, talked about the important role of mental health in athletic

Fish broke the audience into pairs on various occasions, asking them to
share their earliest competitive memories and then later breakdown their
sources of pressure (family, friends, and coaches, for example). Fish
emphasized that the attitudes athletes bring into their current situations
are deeply rooted in early memories.

Through the course of his lecture, he touched upon five basic principles:
self-confidence, temper control, team work, attitude, and respect.  By
breaking down the mental aspects of athletics into these categories, Fish
focused on devising tricks that would enable the athlete to maintain a
balanced life on and off the field, often using simple relaxation
techniques to reduce stress and maintain a positive perspective.

The lecture was sponsored by Captain’s Council.


2)  World news roundup


A man opened fire Sunday morning on the observation deck of the Empire
State Building, killing one tourist and wounding six others before shooting
himself in the head. The gunman, Ali Abu Kamal, later died from his wounds.
Witnesses said Abu Kamal, a 69-year-old Palestinian, muttered threats
against Egypt before and during the shooting. But his relatives in the Gaza
Strip told the Associated Press he was distraught over the loss of his life
savings. The only other fatality was a 27-year-old Danish musician visiting
New York.


Cuban exiles Monday honored the memory of four pilots shot down a year ago
by the Cuban air force while bringing aid to Cuban refugees. Two aircraft
dropped flowers over the site of the incident, about 20 miles off the coast
of Cuba. Last year, Cuba said the aircraft it shot down were were invading
Cuban airspace. But the U.S. disagreed, insisting that the planes were in
international airspace. The disagreement heightened tensions between the
U.S. and Cuba, and led to increased U.S. sanctions against the island

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1)  Swarthmore wins tie-breaker and earns spot in men’s hoops playoffs

The Garnet defeated Muhlenberg 72-67 on the road in the decisive
tie-breaker game that determined who would face Johns Hopkins in the first
round of the Centennial Conference playoffs.  Ben Schall ’97, just two days
after scoring his 1,000 career point, poured in 26 points and grabbed 13
rebounds in the winning effort.  Aaron Bond ’97 had another strong effort
in tallying 20 points and eight boards.  Swarthmore improves to 15-10 on
the season.  The team will travel to Baltimore to face Johns Hopkins on
Wednesday in an 8:30 contest.


2)  Swimming conference meet results

Both the men’s and women’s teams finished second to Gettysburg at the
Centennial Championship meet this weekend at Franklin and Marshall.

* Claire Arbour ’00 won the 500 yard freestyle in 5:13.08, a solid two
seconds ahead of the nearest competitor.

* The 400 yard medley relay of Andy Robbins ’98, Fred Gerson ’99, Justin
Herring ’97, and Carl Sanders ’98 won a tight race in 3:33.53, a scant 0.1
second ahead of Gettysburg.

* Janine Gent ’99, Cathy Polinsky ’99, Kim Killeen ’97, and Alice Unger ’98
placed second in the 200 yard freestyle relay, swimming 1:43.24.

* Brandon Walsh ’00, Robbins, and Ryan Fruh ’99 swept second through fourth
spots in the 200 individual medley, swimming 1:59.53, 1:59.86, and 2:00.10

* The 400 yard medley relay of Kris Robertson ’98, Jenny Harvey ’99,
Polinsky, and Arbour took second place in 4:04.14, a national “B” cut
qualifying time.

* Molly Marino ’98 placed third in the 200 individual medley (2:15.25),
only 0.25 seconds out of second place.

* The men’s 400 yard medley relay of Robbins, Gerson, Herring, and Sanders
tied for first place with F&M, both teams swimming 1:37.61.

* Arbour (1:55.37) won the women’s 200 freestyle and qualified for the
National “B” cut.

* Robbins (53.45) won the men’s 100 backstroke by just five hundredths of a
second and made the “B” cut for Nationals.

* The women’s 800 freestyle relay team (7:58.71) took first place and
provisionally qualified for Nationals. The team was composed of Jill
Belding ’99, Liz Blair ’00, Marino, and Arbour.

* The men’s 800 freestyle relay team (7:08.57) also took first place. The
team was composed of Robbins, Walsh, Fruh, and Sanders.

* Robertson, Harvey, Polinsky, and Arbour teamed together again, this time
for the women’s 200 yard medley relay, and placed second in 1:53.05.

* Keith Earley ’99 swam 4:20.44 in the 400 yard individual medley to take

* In the women’s 100 butterfly, Polinsky (59:54) placed second in the event
and made the provisional “B” cut for Nationals.

* In the men’s 100 butterfly, Walsh (51.64) was touched out for first but
made the “B” cut.

* In the men’s 200 freestyle, Sanders (1:45.31) finished just 0.13 seconds
out of first place.

* In the women’s 100 breaststroke, Harvey (1:10.00) finished second but
missed the “B” cut by only one hundredth of a second.

* In the women’s 100 backstroke, Robertson (1:01.34) took second place with
a provisional “B” qualifying time for Nationals.

* Erica Rosenthal ’00 placed third in the 400 yard individual medley,
swimming 4:49.75.

* In the men’s 100 breaststroke, Fruh (1:00.50) took third place.

* In the women’s 200 backstroke, Robertson (2:09.32) and Marino (2:10.99)
finished first-second and made the provisional “B” cut for Nationals.

* In the men’s 200 backstroke, Robbins (1:55.41) took first place and made
the “B” cut.

* In the women’s 100 freestyle, Arbour (53.96) finished second and made the
“B” cut.

* In the men’s 100 freestyle, Sanders (47.75) took second place.

* In the women’s 200 butterfly, Belding (2:10.49) finished second and
earned an automatic “A” bid for Nationals.

* In the men’s 200 butterfly, Walsh (1:53.46) crushed the competition and
made the “B” cut.

* The women’s 400 freestyle relay team (3:40.87) finished second. The team
was composed of Gent, Blair, Polinsky , and Arbour. With that time, the
team made the “B” cut for Nationals.

* The men’s 400 freestyle relay team (3:14.23) took second place. The team
was composed of Sanders, Walsh, Fruh, and Robbins.


3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

There are no contests scheduled for any sports until this coming weekend.


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