Tuesday, February 11, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, February 11, 1997
Volume 1, Number 13


1) Housing Committee rules in opposition to substance-free housing

2) Hola hosts poetry reading


1)  Bond named Centennial Conference co-player of the week

2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


An article Feb. 7 about a Feb. 6 campus discussion on ebonics failed to
note that the event was sponsored by Phi Beta Sigma and co-sponsored by
linguistics department.

In the Feb. 9 Gazette, we mistakenly referred to the new practice of not
including majors and concentrations on diplomas as “Registrar Martin
Warner’s new diploma policy.” The policy actually originated with the
revision of the honors program two years ago, before Warner’s tenure
The class of 1997 is the first class to graduate under the revised honors



1) Housing Committee rules in opposition to substance-free housing

Unless students convince the Housing Committee that there’s a good reason
to offer substance-free housing, there will be no sub-free halls next
year, the committee decided Monday night.

Committee member Laura Gitelson ’97 said students must file petitions in
favor of sub-free housing by Feb. 28. If no petitions are filed, or if
the petitions fail to convince the committee that sub-free housing is
worthwhile, the College will no longer designate halls on which residents
promise not to use cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

Gitelson explained that Housing Committee believes many residents of
substance-free halls are not committed to promoting substance-free social

“One of the reasons not to have sub-free housing is the fact that the
College does not cater to other lifestyles which you might consider as
important as sub-free — anything from a foreign language hall to a
sexual orientation hall,” added Tinsley Davis ’98, a housing committee
member who is also the resident assistant in Dana basement, this year’s
only sub-free hall.

Petitions for substance-free halls will have to convince Housing
Committee not only that many students want sub-free housing, but that
there’s a good reason for wanting the option. “In addition to numbers, we
want to see a decent argument for why it should exist,” Gitelson said.

Gitelson said the Feb. 28 deadline was set to give the RA Selection
Committee time to pick RAs for sub-free halls if necessary. She said
students planning to petition for sub-free halls should notify Myrt
Westphal, director of residential life, as soon as possible so the RA
Selection Committee can plan ahead.


2) Hola hosts poetry reading

Last night at the IC, Hola hosted a poetry reading for all interested
students.  Around 50 people showed up to listen to and read poetry.  
Among the pieces shared were works penned by students themselves, as well
as relatives and admired authors, in both English and Spanish.  

The reading was organized by Emma Flores ’00 and Victor Pineiro ’00.  
Says Pineiro, “I was really impressed with the turn-out and hope we can
do it again later on in the semester.”  

As attendees sipped coffee, participants such as Zenzile Stokley-White
’00 and Beth Bonacci ’00 shared poems.  Stokely-White read two moving
works she had written and Bonacci read a poem by Irish poet Eavan Bolen,
who just last week came to speak at Swat.  



1)  Bond named Centennial Conference co-player of the week

During Swarthmore’s undefeated week, Aaron Bond ’97 averaged 13.5 points,
10.5 rebounds, and 4.5 blocks.  He tallied 10 points, 13 boards, and
three blocks in the emotional win over Haverford.  He then posted 17
points, eight rebounds and a Conference record-tying six blocks against
Ursinus on Saturday.


2)  Tonight’s and the weekend’s contests

Badminton travels to Academy New Church for a 7 p.m. match.
Women’s basketball take on Washington College at home in a 7:30 p.m.

Men’s hoops host Washington College at 8 p.m. in the Tarble Pavilion.
Swimming also hosts Washington in a 6 p.m. meet at Ware Pool.


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