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Student Council Platforms

Ben Goloff ’15 for Educational Policy Representative

Thank you for considering my candidacy for Educational Policy Representative! A few quick words about me:I’m a sophomore from New York City and a prospective Biology/Environmental Studies major.  I’m a co-facilitator of Earthlust, and I love playing the violin in Swat’s orchestra and chamber music ensembles.  I am currently leading a student-run effort to revise… Keep Reading

Student Council Platforms

Joseph Rizzo ’15 for Campus Life Representative

My name is Joseph Rizzo, and I am interested in running for Swarthmore Student Council Campus Life Representative.  I believe that I will thrive in this position because my mission, like that of the Campus Life Representative, is to further improve the relationship and communications between Student Council and the Swarthmore student body. I am… Keep Reading

Beyond a Movie Trailer: Benghazi and America’s Middle East Problem

The first American ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979, United States embassies in Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia ransacked, and massive protests against the United States springing up across the Middle East. And, the Obama administration would like us to believe that this is all “senseless violence” due to a crooked individual’s movie… Keep Reading

On “The Innocence of Muslims”: Free Speech Covers the Unpalatable

The violence that occurred in Libya and Egypt last week over a YouTube video, “The Innocence of Muslims,” has been rightfully condemned, but too often it has also been rationalized, justified, and given credence. The inciting video is seen as hateful enough, distasteful enough, to make these acts of violence, if not justifiable, understandable. Because… Keep Reading

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