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Swoop (There It Is!)

Newsflash: It’s almost fall break! Let the cheers be heard from ML to DU to Worth! Now, along with a much-needed relaxation period for most of us, fall break also means the start of swooping. Ah, yes — swooping: Swarthmore’s favorite pastime. The act of upperclassmen shamelessly preying on young freshmen. It really is an… Keep Reading

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Secret Statements: When Public Figures Say Things They Don’t Want Overheard, It’s Not Always What It Sounds Like

In the age of technology, public figures — politicians, celebrities and others — find it hard to escape the constant storm of media around them. Anything they say in public will be recorded, distributed and heavily scrutinized. And as we have seen this election cycle, sometimes the things they say in private make it into… Keep Reading

Teachers Strike Out in Chicago

Three hundred and fifty thousand students out of school. A 16 percent wage increase over the next four years rejected by the union. Complaints about a longer school day. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Teachers’ Union president Karen Lewis engaged in a personality clash. The eight-day Chicago Teachers’ Union strike captured national headlines for all… Keep Reading

Middle East Turmoil: Solidarity is Messy

Two years ago, a number of Swatties braved the February cold, dressed in white and marched across campus in a display of “solidarity” for the Egyptian uprising against then-President-cum-Dictator Hosni Mubarak. These students, like many Americans, hoped freedom, not radical Islam, was sweeping the Middle East. Unfortunately, the latest chapter hasn’t been so celebratory. From… Keep Reading

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