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How to succeed in Hollywood without really trying

I am consistently mystified by the American box office — and not just those absurd moments when soul-dismemberingly bad movies retain the number-one slot for a second weekend (2008’s “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” or Nick Cage’s 2007 “Ghost Rider” — ugh). No, more than finding box office returns lamentable or laughable like so many critics and… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

Heed the warning: a “Black Swan” is soon approaching

“We have never lived before under the threat of a global collapse. The financial ecology is swelling into gigantic, incestuous, bureaucratic banks — when one fails, they all fall. We have moved from a diversified ecology of small banks, with varied lending policies, to a more homogeneous framework of firms that all resemble one another.… Keep Reading

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Players’ Club of Swarthmore presents: ‘Our Town’

Few plays possess the enduring, trans-generational quality exemplified by Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town,” which is currently being performed by the Ville’s own community theater, the Players’ Club of Swarthmore (PCS). The play, directed by renowned Philadelphia theater veteran Ellen Wilson Dilks, opened on September 16 and will have more performances through the end of this… Keep Reading

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Laying out the important tips on pleasurable oral sex

Oral sex. It needs no introduction. As the sloppy drunk sister of penetration, oral sex frequents most love-smash sessions. Like God, it is both loved and feared. A lot of that anxiety aspect comes from worries about odors, preconceived notions about the act and performance anxiety. Really, don’t let that bullshit stand in the way… Keep Reading

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McCabe movie collection features untold variety

VHS and DVD shelves contain some old classics and new hits, as well as some unknowns Most Swarthmore students are painfully aware of our collective tendency to stay on campus. Swatties don’t always make it to a movie premiere or spend the evening in Media. Luckily, Swarthmore offers excellent resources on campus to screen and rent feature films… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

Guilty pleasure shows still strike emotional chord

Watching the sporadically entertaining telecast of the Emmy awards on September 18, I was shocked by two personal discoveries. First of all, I’d never thought that I would actually care about the best movie/miniseries categories until Kate Winslet managed to become one Tony shy of the prestigious Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (EGOT) combo. The… Keep Reading

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