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Real Food Festival shows ways to be sustainable

If you happened to pass through the open space across from the Swarthmore Co-op this weekend, you would have heard joyful music and seen children playing, parents collecting brochures and asking questions around different tables or people shaking jars. Grow, Cook, Eat: A Hands-on Farmers’ Market is an event that is part of the Real… Keep Reading

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A rundown of frozen dessert options in Philadelphia

Frozen and sweet and never out of season: Jen Johnson describes the local favorites Granted, ice cream is not the most seasonal dessert to be discussing in mid-November in the Northeast. Don’t worry, though; these local favorites are unlikely to go belly-up before the warm days occur, as far off as they might currently appear.… Keep Reading

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Must we make a friend of horror, Colonel Kurtz?

In one of the most memorable scenes from “Apocalypse Now,” Marlon Brando, shrouded in shadow, hisses out (amidst other drug-fueled demagogic babblings) that “Horror has a face . . . and you must make a friend of Horror.” Brando’s Colonel Kurtz (and at this point in his career, Brando’s Brando) is crazy. Like, really crazy.… Keep Reading

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S.978 Jail time for Streaming

It’s been three years since Justin Bieber, a Canadian pop and R&B singer/songwriter, released a YouTube video that sparked his music career. In the next year, 2009, his debut single “One Time” peaked top ten in Canada. Since then, he’s released seven songs to hit the Billboard Hot 100. No matter how far up the… Keep Reading

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ITS showcases the future of academic technology

3D Printing, Mobile Devices in the Classroom, Web Video Galleries, Pen Display Graphics Tablet, Cinematic HD Video, New Tripod, eBooks, Moodle Q&A Booth, Open Source Electronics Projects … Do these terms sound familiar? On Monday afternoon in the Scheuer Room, the annual Information Technology Services (ITS) Academic Technology Fair displayed these nine fascinating new technologies… Keep Reading

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