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Advent of Halloween sees horror TV outdo film

As Halloween looms less than a week away, this time of year would usually be a period of celebration for the quintessential horror fan. Unfortunately, the month of October has been severely deficient in its output of quality horror movies. Or horror movies in general for that matter. Since the first week of October, the… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

Traverse to Philly’s Old City for fine arts, sweet treats

Visitors to Philadelphia can spend a whole day exploring the historical attractions of the urban core between 6th Street and Penn’s landing — the Constitution Center, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, etc. Today, the neighborhood these national historical treasures call home is a thriving commercial district and a hub of activity for Philadelphia’s… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Topping off weekend with Orchestra 2001, choral group

This weekend, hundreds of parents descended upon campus to attend dozens of events for Garnet Weekend, including sporting events, workshops, faculty lectures and tours of the campus and Crum. Students and their parents got to sample many of the activities available on campus throughout the year. However, one event that certainly doesn’t happen every day… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Celebrating German heritage with beer, Oktoberfest

This past Saturday evening, the Swarthmore German Club and German Department hosted their annual Oktoberfest celebration. The event, which was open to the entire campus community, provided traditional German food and music in Bond Memorial Hall. More than 200 people attended, including Swarthmore and Trico students, alumni, family and many faculty members, including Professor Hansjakob… Keep Reading

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Dorm Dive: Art & Athleticism

Cariad Chester and Brennan Klein Juniors Cariad Chester and Brennan Klein occupy this airy Alice Paul loft. Other students often ask Klein and Chester how they came about such a sought-after room as juniors in the housing lottery. According to Chester, “there’s a loophole in the housing system that allows a senior who went abroad… Keep Reading

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Scott Arboretum celebrates fall, Forbes ranking

While the college often tops the rankings when it comes to academics and great financial aid, those aren’t the only two qualities that draw attention to the college. When people walk into the campus, these words may come up into their minds: vibrant arboretum, modern and classic, magnificent and expansive. Swarthmore College, again, was recently… Keep Reading

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Student project aims at Indian educational reform

In a sweltering Indian classroom, as a student raises her hand with a question to understand the concept of photosynthesis, she is silenced by her teacher with instructions to memorize the definition on the blackboard. This authoritarian system has silenced questions and stamped out curiosity over the years as students follow the traditional system of… Keep Reading

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