It is Time for Open Access

Swarthmore might have been ranked one of the most wired campuses in the nation last year, but the College has not been quick to embrace the use of technology as [...]

The Lube Lad/y

At the risk of being labeled the Lube Lad/y, I want to respond directly to the reader who left the following post: Just don't get a yeast infection… I'm actually [...]

Me and Ronald Reagan

As a Swarthmore student, I can testify to the fact that guilt is a familiar emotion. While at Swarthmore, I feel guilty about the sex I don't have, the papers [...]

A Short Lesson in German Grammar

This is the German-English dictionary I use. If that doesn't help, ask your German-major friends: we're always happy to help! What is certainly the best misunderstanding of the trip so [...]

Digest and Calendar System Need to Change

Event listings and online announcement advertisements methods have been overhauled by Student Council, ITS, and the College's administration this past year. In particular, the rules governing the Reserved Students Digest have changed significantly and ITS installed an online calendar system over the

Honors Denglish

Well, as regular readers of this paper may have already guessed, Lauren Stokes is not here this semester--I am studying abroad with a program based out of Macalester, starting with [...]

The Bone Doctor: Lights, Camera, Action

I’ve always liked video cameras. When I was a teenager, my friends and I spent countless hours making amateur films. Topics ranged from drug deals gone bad to shirtless fights [...]

Student Council Platforms

Student Council elections will run from this Sunday 12/3 until Thursday 12/6, and there's a VP forum and candidate meet-and-greet tonight: read up on your platforms now!

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