WSRN Returns to Airwaves After Two-Year Hiatus

For the first time in two years, the Worldwide Swarthmore Radio Network (WSRN) is back on the air. Its first shows premiered in the first week of October.  Over a century old, WSRN has been an integral part of the college’s history.

Instagram Account Spotlights Campus’ Furry Friends

Finding cute dogs on the Swarthmore campus can be an exciting break in a hectic day. Now, thanks to the @swarthmoredogspotting2 Instagram account, students and interested followers can get to know the pets that pass through Swarthmore’s campus, even if they don’t

New Zero-Waste Initiatives Mark Gradual Progress Towards 2035 Goal

Upon returning to campus this semester, students face several changes meant to contribute to Swarthmore College’s sustainability initiatives. In June, the college established a new goal: to become a zero waste campus by 2035 and transition to energy-efficient practices in the coming

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