Renato’s Does Not Exist

Renato’s Pizza is the workhorse of the Swarthmore food scene. Sure, you could spend time walking to Swarthmore Pizza or sit around waiting for Uber Eats. But when you’re hungry, or sad, or drunk, or high, or just want to have fun


Bad Dad Astra

“Ad Astra” is an ambitious movie, both thematically and visually audacious. It succeeds as a first-rate portrayal of space travel during a minor cinematic boom of “hard” science fiction movies (that is, sci-fi meant to look like it could actually happen). But


Women’s Cross Country Poised for Great Season

Swarthmore Women’s Cross Country has started off the season strong, finishing second and fourth at the Bryn Mawr Invitational and Mainline Invite, respectively. The team welcomes seven first-years and fourteen returners to compete in the 2019 season.  Last season, Swarthmore finished third

Strike for the Climate, Strike for Our Lives

The climate crisis presents the greatest threat to humanity. It has already wrought unprecedented devastation, but the worst is yet to come. We cannot sit by as the world burns and floods. We must demand that our government recognize that the climate


Reconciling Ethics and Fantasy Football

[Content warning: sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment] A few weeks ago, at 7:28 p.m., I sat at my dining room table, a stack of papers to my right and a Pabst Blue Ribbon to my left. My computer was open to


Future of Party Scene Remains Uncertain

The weekend after the first week of classes has traditionally been a time when one of the fraternities hosts a “disorientation” party. These parties have had a history of dangerous alcohol use, with a track record of hospitalizations that, similarly to Halloween