Bag Lunch Survey, Fireside Chat, Bike Share Fines, Ville Points

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Bike Share Program

StuCo has tentatively decided on a fining system for those students found in breach of the rules and regulations of the Bike Share program.
StuCo is currently planning to implement a fining policy that resembles the following:

First Offense: Loss of privileges for a week
Second Offense: Loss of privileges for a month
Third Offense: Loss of privileges for a semester

Further discussions will ensue between StuCo members, Jeff Cao ’10 (the Community Outreach Liaison for Chester Neighborhood Bike Works who overlooks maintenance of the bikes), and the McCabe librarians to confirm the fining system.

Bagged Lunch Survey Results

Out of all the 134 students questioned about the similarity of the lunch options on Tuesdays and Thursdays, opinion was divided between those indifferent to the similarity of the Tuesday and Thursday lunch options and those who were bothered by the similarity.

15 students reported that they always took the vegan lunch option, 53 reported that they took the vegan lunch “sometimes” whilst 65 reported that they did not often choose the vegan option.

Those who often or sometimes tool the vegan bagged lunch reported greater dissatisfaction with their Tuesday and Thursday meals. Students who did not often take the vegan lunch were largely indifferent.

StuCo will discuss any possible changes based on the survey feedback with Dining Services.

Outcomes of Fireside Chat

After the Fireside Chat held last Monday in collaboration with Working Group 2: Knowledge, Teaching, and Learning of the Strategic Planning Process, StuCo discussed the possibility of holding a forum for greater student feedback on course and faculty diversity.

StuCo is contemplating “broader avenues of communication for the campus, ” said Anna Stitt ’13, Student Groups Advisor and hopes to engage a larger proportion of the student body with the strategic planning process.

Meal Plan Flexibility?

A student contacted StuCo with the suggestion of an ‘opt-in’ meal system in which each student’s unused meals got donated to groups that require the food.

Gabriella Capone ’14, Appointments Chair, though, sounded a note of caution. “Many details will need to be fleshed out” with Dining Services, she said.

Academic Support

StuCo decided that the discussion on aspects of the college curriculum would consist of a three-person panel. One panelist will be a Swarthmore faculty member whilst the other two will be outside invitees.

Ville Meal Points

According to Victor Brady ’13, Campus Life Representative, businesses in the Ville have “expressed interest” about the possibility of an extension of the meal points program.

These businesses include Renato’s, the Co-op and Hobbs Coffee Shop.

StuCo will conduct a survey gauging student opinion on how often they intend to spend their meal points in the Ville in order to measure the popularity of the policy.

Ben Hattem ’12, Financial Policy Representative said Sue Welsh, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, had requested the survey.

The cost to Dining Services will also be taken into consideration before any concrete steps will be taken towards the plan.

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