Wednesday, November 13, 2002

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The Daily Gazette
Swarthmore College
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Volume 7, Number 48

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Today’s issue:


1) College facing $900K deficit, SC to offer referendum on Iraq

2) Swarthmore Weekly Police Report

3) World news roundup

4) Campus events


1) Upcoming contests


Today: Cloudy with light rain early. Highs in the low 50s.
Man, Tuesday really chapped my hide.

Tonight: Scattered clouds with a low of 38.
I mean, you expect Mondays to be bad, and Thursday and Friday are
practically the weekend.

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 50s.
At least Wednesday has a funny nickname.


Lunch: Italian stromboli, french fries, cheese and vegetable stromboli,
butternut squash and sage orzo, broccoli, cauliflower, wing bar, lemon squares

Dinner: Turkey London broil, oven-roasted potatoes, lentil stew pasta with
sauce, corn on the cob, whole green beans, pasta bar, apple crisp


1) College facing $900K deficit, SC to offer referendum on Iraq

by Jeremy Schifeling
Co-Managing Editor

With the national economy only a shadow of its former, booming self, it was
only a matter of time before the country’s financial slump hit home at
Swat. And with the announcement at Monday night’s Student Council meeting
that the College is now operating in a $900,000 deficit this fiscal year,
it’s clear that this time has come.

Larry Schall, VP for Administration, and Linda McDougall, Director of
Dining Services, made the announcement to the Council as a way of
explaining recent cuts in services, as well as a number of other
cost-saving plans that are currently being discussed. One casualty of this
fiscal belt-tightening was bottled water in Sharples; another was the old
juice machines–now replaced with cheaper models.

Given that little respite is in sight, with a $700,000 deficit projected
for next year, additional cuts are on the way across campus. Dining
Services, for its part, will continue to look for ways to reduce its
expenditures. One such plan calls for eliminating costly meal equivalencies
at dinner and keeping Sharples open longer to compensate. This proposal is
still highly tentative, however.

Following the administrators’ announcement, SC entertained a proposal from
SPAC which called for the Council to administer a student vote on the
burgeoning Iraq issue. After discussing the merits of getting involved in
the national debate, the Council voted 6-1, with two abstentions, to
include the question in the upcoming SC elections. The question will
revolve around a SPAC statement that allows voters to declare that they
“firmly oppose unilateral military action against Iraq” (full text of the
statement can be found here:

Another major issue discussed at the meeting was the Student Budget
Committee’s recent modification of CIVIC, the umbrella organization that
funds community service groups. SBC member Kevin Bovard ’03, who is also
serving as the Council’s interim Appointments Chair, said that all CIVIC
groups will now be funded directly through SBC and as such, must be
officially chartered through the Charter Committee before being budgeted
for the spring. The issue will be re-evaluated next semester.

Other matters discussed at Monday’s meeting were the early success of the
Philly van service, which Co-President Ryan Budish ’04 describes as running
at “very near capacity.” Additionally, Budish’s fellow Co-President Matt
Rubin ’03 brought up the Swarthmore Borough Council’s intention to ban
skateboarding in the Ville–a measure which the Council opposed
unanimously, albeit with two abstentions.

Full Text of the SPAC Statement

On the grounds that it has not been sufficiently proven that Iraq possesses
weapons of mass destruction nor poses any direct and/or immediate threat
to any nation including the United States.

And, that preemptive military action would violate international law and could
potentially further destabilize the Middle East,

And, that military action would lead to a great loss of life for both the people
Iraq and the United States military personnel,

And, that the Bush Administration has offered no coherent plan for the future of
Iraq, should Saddam Hussein be removed from power,

We, the students, faculty and staff of Swarthmore College, firmly oppose
military action against Iraq.


2) Swarthmore Weekly Police Report

Over the past two weeks five instruments have been stolen from the
Swarthmore Rutledge School. All of the instruments were stolen from storage
cubicles outside of classrooms. Officers Bardo and Hinckley are investigating.

A hood ornament was taken from a car parked on Myers Avenue sometime
between November 7 and 9. The ornament has an estimated value of $50.
Sergeant Wesley took the report.


3) World news roundup

* An audiotaped message, released by the Arabic language news network
Al-Jazeera on Tuesday, has been attributed to Osama bin Laden. The message
praises recent terror attacks and warns the U.S. and its allies of more
killings to come. It is not known when the audiotape was recorded, but it
does refer to events as recent as October. Authorities are trying to
analyze the voice in order to determine its authenticity as belonging to
bin Laden.

* The Israeli foreign minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that if he is
elected prime minister he will expel Yasser Arafat from Palestinian
territories. Currently Ariel Sharon is prime minister and thus has final
word on Arafat’s status. However, Israeli elections are to be held in
January, and Netanyahu will then have a chance to take power from Sharon.

* The White House and Congressional leaders agreed on Tuesday to begin
pushing a bill creating a Homeland Security Department. If the bill passes
it will be a significant legislative victory for Bush, coming immediately
after the mid-term Congressional elections that gave Republicans control of
the house and senate. Though the Democrats had previously expressed
reservations, it is now expected that the bill will pass the Senate as well.


4) Campus events

Lecture: “One Small Step for a Robot, One Giant Leap for Robotics”
Professor Bruce Maxwell, Engineering
Scheuer Room – Kohlberg Hall, 4:15 p.m.

French Film Festival
Kohlberg 328, 7:00 p.m.

Screening of Ardiente Paciencia
Kohlberg 330, 7:00 p.m.



1) Upcoming contests

There are no contests scheduled for today or tomorrow.



“Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy and wealthy and dead.”
–James Thurber

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