Monday, September 16, 2002

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The Daily Gazette
Swarthmore College
Monday, September 16, 2002
Volume 7, Number 11

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1) World news roundup

2) Campus events


1) Men’s ultimate frisbee opens season with sectional tournament
at Lehigh

2) Swarthmore’s Anjani Reddy ’04 victorious in Swarthmore women’s

3) Men’s soccer defeats Lincoln University 2-1

4) Women’s soccer loses to Delaware Valley 3-1

5) Volleyball winless at Richard Stockton Tournament

6) Field hockey unsuccessful against Lebanon Valley

7) Upcoming contests


Today: Rain and possible thunderstorms ending early; cloudy late. High
around 80.
Has anybody been reading these little “success tips” in the new student

Tonight: Partly cloudy with late clearing. Low near 62.
Next week’s tip helpfully points out, “Fatigue kills. Well-rested, healthy
people outperform those who are tired and stressed.”

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. High of 80.
It just makes you want to smack your forehead and cry, “Of course! It’s so
simple! I’ve had it backwards this whole time!”


Lunch: Meatball sandwich, crinkle cut fries, vegan meatball sandwich,
cauliflower au gratin, green beans, vegetarian blend

Dinner: Roast top round of beef, red bliss potatoes, chick pea saute, greek
pasta, asparagus, baby carrots


1) World news roundup

* Five men were arrested in Buffalo NY on Saturday on suspicions of
connections to al Qaeda. A sixth man, also from Buffalo, was arrested in
the United Arab Emirate of Bahrain today. FBI officials believe that the
men had trained in one of Osama bin Laden’s camps in the spring of 2001.
All of the men are American-born and of Yemeni descent. Officials also
suspect that they may have had ties to similar cells in other states.

* Saudi Arabian authorities indicated that if the U.N. backs the war
against Iraq, the U.S. will be allowed to use bases on Saudi soil. Saudi
Arabia played a big part in the first war on Iraq, back in 1991. However,
for months the country has spoken out against a U.S. attack, and appeared
to change its position after President Bush’s speech at the U.N. on
Thursday. It is the hope of Bush officials that other Arab nations will
follow Saudi Arabia’s example.

* U.S. News and World Report published its annual rankings on colleges and
universities on Friday. Once again Princeton University ranked first, with
Harvard and Yale tied for second. In the liberal arts college category,
Amherst College placed first, with Swarthmore and Williams tied for second
. Though the rankings have come under attack from many college
administrators and education experts, the magazine defends the system as
the best way to quantify the college experience even if it cannot take the
place of actually visiting the campus.


2) Campus events

Talk on “Third party nonviolent intervention” by Mel Duncan
Project director of Nonviolent Peaceforce
Parrish Parlors, 4:30 p.m.

Women in Science dinner
Sharples Room 4, 5:30 p.m.

Student Council meeting
CRC, 10:00 p.m.

SWIL Movie Night: “Dark City”
Kirby Lecture Hall, 10:00 p.m.

10 p.m. in Mephistos on September 19th will be this semester’s first Ring:
“Is violence ever legitimate?: A discussion on 9/11 and the war on
terrorism.” The Ring is a forum for discussion, debate, and engagement with
issues that are very important to and controversial within the college
community. A panel presents a range of views, and a discussion follows.
There is always pizza! Past sessions have dealt with the Coming Out Week
chalkings in relation to free speech, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Contact Jedd Cohen <jcohen2> for more information.



1) Men’s ultimate frisbee opens season with sectional
tournament at Lehigh

The Earthworms kicked off their fall season this weekend with a trip to the
Sectional Tournament. Though the team recorded only one victory, it was
still a successful outing. The larger than usual turnout allowed the ‘worms
to send two squads on Saturday, with an impressive total of eight freshmen
overall. The A team had two heartbreakers on Saturday, losing to the
Haverford College team 12-11 and to University of Pennsylvania 15-13. On
Sunday, with just one squad playing, the team recorded their first victory
against Drew University.


2) Swarthmore’s Anjani Reddy ’04 victorious in Swarthmore
women’s tennis

Junior Anjani Reddy took first in straight sets in the #1 flight at the
tournament last weekend. Millersville College claimed first in the other
three flights, while Swarthmore failed to send a player to their respective
finals. Elle Suzuki ’06 fell victim to an injury after going 2-0 in #3
flight play.


3) Men’s soccer defeats Lincoln University 2-1

Improving their record to 4-2, the Garnet triumphed over Lincoln on
Saturday after trailing 1-0 in the first half. Scott Long ’06 scored twice,
while Reuben Heyman-Kantor made 10 saves. Long’s first career goal came off
a header from senior captain Cam MacDearmid’s free kick. Less than four
minutes later, Long scored on an indirect kick to give the lead to
Swarthmore. The Garnet next faces Philadelphia Biblical University away on


4) Women’s soccer loses to Delaware Valley 3-1

Though goalie Catherine Salussolia ’04 recorded 10 saves and Claire
Hoverman ’03 scored, the Garnet Tide fell to Delaware Valley on Saturday.
Through the first half, the game was scoreless, but Delaware Valley scored
early in the second half. Hoverman tied the game 11 minutes later, but DVC
went on to win 3-1. With a 4-2 record, the team next faces Richard Stockton
College away on Monday.


5) Volleyball winless at Richard Stockton Tournament.

The Garnet went 3-0 at the tournament in New Jersey this weekend, falling
to Stockton, Washington, and Widener, losing all three games in each of the
three matches. For the season the squad is 1-4. Swarthmore next travels to
William Paterson College on Saturday.


6) Field hockey unsuccessful against Lebanon Valley

Outshot 18-10, the Garnet fell to fifth-ranked LVC this Saturday 4-0. Jenn
Hart ’03 had a stellar performance in goal, recording 14 saves, but the
team could not perform as well offensively. The squad next hosts the
College of Notre Dame (MD) on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.


7) Upcoming contests

Women’s soccer at Richard Stockton, 7:00 p.m.

Field hockey v. Notre Dame (MD), 4:30 p.m.



“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled
through snow.”
–Jeff Valdez

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