Monday, November 16, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, November 16, 1998
Volume 3, Number 44


1)  World news roundup

2)  Campus events


1)  Men’s cross country finishes 9th in regionals

2)  Women’s cross country finishes 7th in regionals

3)  Football’s losing streak continues

4)  Intramural scoreboard

5)  Today and tomorrow’s contests


Today:    Partly sunny. Highs in the mid-50s.
 It’s Friday the 13th!

Tonight:  Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid to upper 30s.
 Watch out for black cats, stay away from ladders and don’t talk to
anyone named Freddy.

Extended Weekend Forecast

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid-50s.
Sunday:   Fair. Highs in the mid-40s to mid-50s.



1)  World news roundup


Saturday morning, Iraqi leaders sent letters to the United Nations
suggesting that Saddam Hussein was willing to allow UN weapons inspectors
back into the country. When the United States received Hussein’s letters,
bombers were en route to Iraq to carry out President Clinton’s threatened
air strike. Clinton called off the attack. UN officials told news services
that Hussein said he would cooperate “unconditionally.”
Currently, inspectors plan to return to Iraq on Tuesday.


Late last night, the Japanese government approved an economic restoration
package of about $190 billion. Tax cuts comprised over one-quarter of the
package. The plan also aims to create up to one million jobs, help other
ailing Asian economies, and provide for the expected “credit crunch,” among
other things. With this plan, Japan hopes to increase a gross domestic
product which has been falling since late 1997.


A recent Washington Post investigation concluded that DC police officers
shoot more than twice as often as police in other major cities… Prominent
US and African civil rights activist Kwame Ture, age 57, died yesterday of
prostate cancer… Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority,
claimed that potentially incendiary comments he made in a radio address
yesterday were misinterpreted… Police injured hundreds and killed at
least sixteen of the tens of thousands of people protesting in
Indonesia this weekend.


4)  Campus events

Interfaith Dating Discussion: “It’s Not Like I’m Gonna Marry Him!”
Lena Romanov
Bond, 7:30 p.m.

All Women Over Lunch
PACES, 12:15 p.m.

Biology Lecture
Kirby, 2:00 p.m.

Chem Lecture
Dupont 139, 4:30 p.m.

Econ Lecture
Bond, 7:00 p.m.

SWIL Movie: “Wizards”
Kohlberg 116, 10:00 p.m.



1)  Men’s cross country finishes 9th in regionals

The Tide finished in 9th place in the NCAA III Mid-East Regionals. Marc
Jeuland ’01 led the Garnet with a 24th place finish, Gordon Roble ’99
finished 51st, and Sam Evans ’01 finished 53rd.


2)  Women’s cross country finishes 7th in regionals

The Garnet placed 7th at the NCAA Mid-East Regionals as Joko Agunloye’01
led the Garnet with a fourth place finish, qualifying for the NCAA Division
III Championships. Karen Lloyd ’00 also finished in 43rd place and Amelia
Jerison ’00 placed 69th.


3)  Football’s losing streak continues

In the final game of the season, the Tide fell to Washington and Lee 37-7
to extend their losing streak to 28 games. J.P. Harris ’99 had 21
completions for 268 yards and Blake Atkins ’02 caught for 81 yards.


4)  Intramural scoreboard


Jay-Vee’s – 5, FC Bonobo – 3
Faculty/Staff – 4, I-20’s – 1


5)  Today and tomorrow’s contests


No contests are scheduled for today


No contests are scheduled for tomorrow


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