Wednesday, September 30, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, September 30, 1998
Volume 3, Number 17


1)  World news roundup

2)  Campus events


1)  Men’s soccer snaps losing streak

2)  Intramural scoreboard

3)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:    Partly cloudy. High of 80.
For all of you who thought about breaking out those jeans tomorrow,
think again.

Tonight:  Partly cloudy. Low in the 50s.

Tomorrow: Cloudy and breezy. Chance of thunderstorms. High of 79.


1)  World news roundup


Anwar Ibrahim, formerly a Malaysian cabinet official and deputy prime
minister and now an opposition leader, yesterday pled innocent to five
charges of corruption and four of sodomy. The punishment for each count
could bring him several years of imprisonment. Prime Minister Mahathir
Mohamad suggested that bail was unlikely. Ibrahim’s supporters, who haven’t
seen him since his arrest on September 20, had been gathering near the
court. Anwar, who appeared in public with a swollen left eye, claims that
he was severely beaten by the police and not allowed medical attention
during his detention.


To cushion the effects of international economic turmoil, the U.S. Federal
Reserve Board cut a key short-term interest rate by 0.25 percentage points
yesterday. It was the first federal reduction in almost three years, and
caused numerous reactions in the market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average
dropped by almost 100 points but largely recovered in the late afternoon.
The rarely-used discount rate for emergency lending is unchanged at 5%. The
cut should be reflected within a few days in most banks’ prime rate; as a
result, rates on a wide range of consumer and business loans, from credit
cards to auto loans, should go down too.


At the Western Wall of Jerusalem’s Old City, thousands of Jews gathered
yesterday for prayers and chanting to celebrate Yom Kippur, the holiest day
on the Jewish calendar… After heavy fighting in northern Sri Lanka, more
than 700 soldiers and Tamil Tigers have been reported dead to news
services. The rebels’ radio said that the guerrillas had captured the key
town of Kilinochchi last Sunday… A Tommy Hilfiger ad, portraying a woman
sitting on what appears to be President Clinton’s desk in the Oval Office,
was pulled yesterday, after the White House informed the clothing
manufacturer that it is not legal to use the White House in advertising


2)  Campus events

SQU: Alumni Lunch Lecture
Intercultural Center, 12:00 noon

Ruach: Yom Kippur Breaking the Fast Dinner
Bond Memorial Hall, 7:00 p.m.

Mark Manuscript Study
Trotter 215, 8:00 p.m.

Latin Dancing
Tarble All-Campus Space, 9:00 p.m.

Earthlust Weekly Environmental Meeting
Parrish Commons Conference Area, 10:00 p.m.

Two-Fisted Features: “The Ninja Scroll”
Kirby Lecture Hall, 10:30 p.m.



1)  Men’s soccer snaps losing streak

Men’s soccer ended an eight-game losing streak with a 1-0 victory over Widener
yesterday. Scott Samels ’99 scored the lone goal of the game and Andrew Kramer
’02 tallied eight saves to record his second shutout of the year. This win
brings their record to 2-9.


2)  Intramural scoreboard


Over The Hill Gang – 2, 1-20 – 0
Mertz Midgets – 2, Indeterminate Cleavage – 0
Alien Attack a forfeit winner over AJP Loudspeakers
The Anarchists – 2, Al’s Home Team – 0
The Swingers – 2, Cheng & DeSilva-Johnson – 0


3)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


No contests are scheduled for today.


Men’s tennis participates in the Eastern Rolex Tournament.
Women’s soccer visits Gettysburg at 4:00 p.m.


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