Monday, September 28, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, September 28, 1998
Volume 3, Number 15


The weather on Friday, September 25, was reported by Cathy Polinsky, not
Laurie Smith, as was stated. The Gazette regrets the error.


1)  Olde Club funding approved

2)  World news roundup

3)  Campus events


1)  Football loses to Gettysburg

2)  Men’s cross country runs to 1-1-1 in tournament

3)  Women’s cross country wins twice

4)  Field hockey wins tournament

5)  Men’s soccer extends losing streak

6)  Women’s soccer loses to Western Maryland

7)  Swarthmore/Rutgers-Camden volleyball match cancelled

8)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:    Sunny. High of 77.
 Didn’t get enough sun last week? No problem.

Tonight:  Clear and chilly. Low in 30s.
 Might want to rethink sleeping on Parrish beach tonight.

Tomorrow: Sunny. High of 75.


1) SC overturns BC decision and approves Olde Club funding

Student Council voted on Thursday to overturn Student Budget Committee’s
budget for Olde Club. As a rule, BC automatically halves the budgets of any
groups not at Spring Budgeting. Because Olde Club was not represented last
semester, it’s funding was cut from $9000 to $4500. The new Olde Club
director, Andy Smith ’01, appealed this decision to BC, which voted
unanimously not to change the budget. Smith appealed to SC last Thursday,
stating that last year’s Olde Club Treasurer did not show up at BC’s Spring
Budgeting because of personal problems, and this should not unfairly affect
the current staff.

BC members at the SC meeting defended their decision, arguing that Olde
Club should not have priority over other groups. It is important, one BC
member said, to apply the rule equally to all groups. Furthermore, he said,
“There was no effort made by anyone in Olde Club to contact us,” which he
felt demonstrated negligence on the part of Olde Club. If there is no
representative from a group at Spring Budgeting, BC evaluates the group
just as they would any other. At the end of the budgeting session, that
group’s final budget is cut in half.

Several members of SC felt that Olde Club deserved special consideration in
this instance.  They argued that it has a responsibility to the entire
campus which cannot be fulfilled without adequate funding. Mariel
Acevedo-Diaz ’01 said that Olde Club has a “special position on campus.”
Brian Bell ’99, Co-Coordinator of SAC, was among Olde Club supporters at
the SC meeting.  Bell stated, “It’s important to be
consistent [in applying the rules] . . . but also to see differences
between the groups.” After much discussion, SC overturned BC’s decision.
The vote was 0 to uphold the decision, 7 against the decision, and 3

Now that SC has reinstated full Olde Club funding, Olde Club has
approximately $9000 for concerts plus additional funds for refreshments and
other expenses. At least one Budget Committee member is concerned about the
ramifications of the SC vote.  If there is one exception to the rule, other
exceptions and appeals might follow, undermining BC’s authority and
efficacy. Film Society, SQU, SOCA, the Student Art Association, and the
Catholic Student Community also had their budgets halved last semester.


2)  World news roundup


Hurricane Georges was expected to hit Louisiana and Mississippi with
greater than 100 mile per hour winds early this morning. Over one and a
half million people have been evacuated or advised to leave the area.
Georges has so far killed over 320 people in the Caribbean, and caused
incredible damage, including the destruction of 85% of Haiti’s food crop.


Gerhard Schroeder of the Social Democrat party (SPD) won Germany’s
Chancellor elections yesterday, ending Christian Democrat leader Helmut
Kohl’s sixteen years tenure as prime minister. Within hours of his
victory’s confirmation, Schroeder engaged met with leaders of the Green
Party. Although a SPD-Green coalition would have a ten-seat majority in
parliament, Schroeder made it clear to news services that he was still
considering an alliance with the Christian Democrats.


Mark McGwire ended the baseball season by hitting two home runs yesterday
for a total of 70, surpassing Sammy Sosa’s total by four home runs…
President Clinton will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
today and with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat tomorrow to discuss a West
Bank agreement… Attorney General Janet Reno fainted from dehydration
yesterday. She is listed in good condition at Georgetown University hospital.


4)  Campus events


All Women Over Lunch Meeting
PACES, 12:15 p.m.

Biology Guest Lecture
Kirby, 2:00 p.m.

All-Ruach Meeting
Bond, 7:00 p.m.

Swing Practice
Tarble, 9:30 p.m.

Empty the Shelters Education
Kohlberg 226, 10:00 p.m.



1)  Football loses to Gettysburg

Despite trailing 21-0 in the first half, Swarthmore battled back before
losing 28-20. Brian Bell ’99, Rob Castellucci ’01, and Joe Alleffi ’00
scored touchdowns.


2)  Men’s cross country goes 1-1-1 in tournament

On Sunday, Swarthmore beat Muhlenberg, lost to Lebanon Valley, and tied
Allentown in the Muhlenberg Invitational. Gordon Roble ’99 finished first,
Jeff Doyon ’00, sixth, and Phil Jones ’99, tenth.


3)  Women’s cross country wins twice

The Garnet women beat Lebanon Valley and Allentown, but lost to Muhlenberg
in the Muhlenberg invitational tournament. Juko Agunloye ’01, Amalia
Jerison ’00, and Karen Lloyd ’00 placed first, third and sixth, respectively.


4)  Field hockey wins tournament

In the first round of the Seven Sisters Tournament, the Tide dominated Elms
College 11-0. Holly Baker ’99, Alison Gaffney ’02 and Lurah Hess ’99 each
scored two goals apiece. In the second round, Swarthmore beat Haverford
2-0. They defeated Wellesley 2-1 for the championship game. Donna Griffin
’99 was named the 1998 Seven Sisters MVP.


5)  Men’s soccer’s losing streak extended

Men’s soccer lost to Western Maryland 5-1. Tirian Mink ’99 scored for the
Tide in the 83rd minute.


6)  Women’s soccer loses to Western Maryland

Despite entering the second half with a 1-0 lead, Swarthmore lost 2-1.
Sarah Nusser ’02 scored the lone goal.


7)  Volleyball’s match against Rutgers-Camden cancelled


8) Today and tomorrow’s events


No matches today


Women’s soccer travels to Gettysburg at 4:00 p.m.
Men’s soccer visits Widener at 4:00 p.m.


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