Wednesday, March 4, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, March 4, 1998
Volume 2, Number 93


1) Dispute over dispute on Parrish 4th

2) World news roundup


1) Men’s tennis blanks Westchester

2) Intramural results

3) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:       Sun peeking early, then running away. High of 45.
              Unfortunately, you’d better keep the umbrella handy.
Tonight:     Still cloudy. Low around 30.
              If you like rain, you’re just lovin’ these last two weeks.
Thursday:  Partly sunny, partly cloudy. High near 50.


1)  Dispute over dispute on Parrish 4th

During the last week, several students have been concerned about the
administration’s treatment of an altercation that occurred in the early
morning of Sunday, February 22nd. Sophomore Lou Basenese, after verbally
intimidating Mark Dingfield ’01 over the phone earlier Saturday evening,
went up to Dingfield’s room to confront him. What actually happened during
the confrontation is uncertain. Friends of Dingfield claim that punches
were thrown, while friends of Basenese believe the injuries Dingfield
suffered were self-inflicted, resulting from his avoidance of Basenese’s
attack. Both sides agree that Dingfield did not retaliate.

Dingfield felt particularly threatened because of the premeditated nature
of the attack. As a result, he filed a complaint with the deans and
Basenese was suspended from school for a week. Basenese later petitioned
the deans and was allowed to attend all classes except the one he shared
with Dingfield.

According to the Swarthmore Student Handbook 1997-1998, “if either the
President or the Dean decides at any point that the well-being of a student
or of the College is at stake, an immediate active avoidance order,
non-notational suspension, or campus expulsion may be imposed against the
student who is to be the subject of the judical hearing until the time the
hearing is held and a decision is delivered by the College Judicial

Friends of Basenese are concerned about the manner in which the
administration handled the situation. They believe the suspension would not
have been so swift and severe had Dingfield’s parents and Al Bloom not
become involved in the proceedings. Dingfield’s mother, Barbara Dingfield,
is a member of the Swarthmore College Board of Managers.

Chalkings from Basenese supporters appeared in front of Parrish last week
claiming that Dingfield’s parents and the president were in close
communication with the deans as they decided on Basenese’s suspension.
Basenese’s supporters feel that although Lou behaved dangerously that
evening, bringing the situation to the attention of the deans and waiting
for CJC proceedings (without an immediate suspension from campus) should
have been sufficient to quell any threat.

Jared Solomon ’01, a friend of Dingfield’s  said, “Mark did the right
thing.  If you want to criticize Goundie, Bloom, or the administration,
that’s fine.” The CJC heard the case Monday night; for this reason
Dingfield, Basenese, those who spoke at the hearing, and the deans were
unable to comment.


2) World news roundup


Former sergeant major of the Army Gene McKinney took the stand and denied
all wrongdoing in his court martial on charges of assault, adultery and
obstruction of justice. The Army’s former top enlisted man said that he had
not forced sex on any of his 6 accusers, and suggested that several of them
had made up their accusations out of vengefulness and/or racism. He had
fired one of his accusers and rebuffed the advances of another, he said.
McKinney was the first black man to become sergeant major of the army,
before he resigned from the position last year; all of his accusers are


Radio Nigeria announced that approximately 2 million youth are expected to
attend a 2-day music festival and rally in support of military ruler
General Sani Abacha this week. The gathering is intended to urge Abacha to
remain in power. On the same day, Nigerian police used tear gas to break up
anti-Abacha demonstrations in the city of Lagos as they arrested several of
the protesters. Meanwhile, the 54-nation Commonwealth of Great Britain and
its former colonies said that Nigeria would be expelled from the
Commonwealth and that members would impose sanctions on Nigerian oil
exports unless Abacha holds elections by October.


President Clinton endorsed an amendment to the federal highway spending
bill which would lower the permissible blood alcohol level for drivers to
.08 percent in every state. … The Oklahoma Senate passed a piece of
legislation which makes Oklahoma the first state in the nation to allow
judges to sentence convicted rapists, sodomizers and child molesters to
surgical castration. … 20th Century Fox announced that “Titanic” has
become the highest grossing film ever, with more than a billion dollars in
ticket sales purchased worldwide. … President Clinton and congressional
leaders from both parties have declared support for a bill which would lead
to Puerto Rican statehood or independence in ten years. … An injured
Texas man who survived two nights in his overturned pickup truck used a
cellular phone to call a rescue helicopter.



1)  Men’s tennis blanks Westchester

The men’s tennis team handily defeated visiting Westchester University 7-0
Tuesday. Winning singles were Nick Slimack ’99, Sascha Sheehan ’00, Jon
Temin ’00, Greg Emkey ’99, Dennis Mook ’01 and Peter Schilla ’01. The
doubles teams of  Slimack and Temin, Emkey and Schilla, and Mook and Sheehan
were also victorious.


2)  Intramural results

Hikers & Bikers defeated Over the Hill Gang 15-0, 15-4, 15-7.


3)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests

Men’s lacrosse travels to Messiah for a 4:00 p.m. game.


No contests are scheduled for tomorrow.


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