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PAs and Public Safety clear out party early, create stir

Two weekends ago, an event hosted jointly by Enlace and Olde Club was shut down when it began to stretch into the hours of early morning, despite its party permit stipulating the event end at midnight. The ensuing argument over the party’s ending time resulted in one of two reported incidents of physical force used… Keep Reading

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Fang named Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

In response to the rallying cries of student groups, faculty, alumni and administrators, the college created a new position this fall called the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator (ESC). The ESC, whose post was filled by Clara Changxin Fang earlier this month, will guide the college’s efforts to draft a Climate Action Plan (CAP), a document that… Keep Reading

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S.M.A.R.T team adjusting to Title IX

Last April, a letter written by the United States Department of Education informed schools that Title IX guidelines around issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment will be held to new standards. Now, it has been put upon Swarthmore’s administration and student groups adjust to the new standards. “[The letter about] Title IX was a… Keep Reading

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Vice President Bayer leaves for Duke after 10 years at Swat

In August, Stephen Bayer, Swarthmore’s former Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations announced he was resigning to accept a similar position at Duke University. Bayer was hired as Associate Vice President of Development at Duke, a position that entails increased responsibilities for him: he will head a staff approximately three times the size of… Keep Reading

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ML residents resist being stereotyped

Mary Lyon is a dorm many Swatties may not have been to this week, or this month or this year. Some may never have been to ML. Yet, there are many others who have continued to request rooms in ML year after year, who think of the dorm as one of the best parts of… Keep Reading

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Swarthmore group addresses issues through environmental justice

The city of Chester, eager kids from the Ruth L. Bennett Homes and the science of vegetable cultivation. When sparked by a handful of Swatties, these three things combine to form the Chester community garden project, a collaborative initiative between the Chester Housing Authority and Swarthmore’s Environmental Justice (EJ). Although the Chester community garden project… Keep Reading

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Lakey database released ten years after 9/11

On the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as a decade of violence from New York City to Afghanistan came to a close, a group of Peace and Conflict studies students and teachers offered a new solution to the conflict: nonviolent action. The Global Nonviolent Action Database, an online compendium of nonviolent action campaigns… Keep Reading

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College Dems to advocate Pell grants in D.C.

About 10 members of the College Democrats will travel to Washington D.C. on May 2 to speak with several congressmen about the issue of federal funding for Pell grants. As this semester saw no major elections, the College Dems felt that this trip would be a productive culmination to the year. College Dems secretary Paul… Keep Reading

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