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New SAT and College Prep Program in Upper Darby

Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 p.m., as many people are eating dinner, classes are starting for six Swarthmore students. At that time, they are in Upper Darby’s public high school, a 20 minute car ride away from Swarthmore, tutoring SAT math, reading and writing, and helping seniors with college applications. This semester marks… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

An In-Depth Look at Drug Use at Swarthmore

No one’s ever contested the fact that there are drugs at Swarthmore. Or that there are several different kinds of drugs. It seems, however, that the drug culture may not be as big or as prevalent as many think, especially given the long-standing reputation the college has for being full of liberal, “hippie” students. Swarthmore… Keep Reading

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Swarthmore Christian Fellowship Allied With Controversial Christian Organization

When SUNY Buffalo sophomore Steven Jackson was forced to resign as treasurer of his school’s chapter of the Christian organization InterVarsity because of his homosexuality last December, controversy about the organization’s alleged anti-gay stance circulated throughout several universities and colleges. InterVarsity has remained under scrutiny for the past year and several colleges, such as Tufts… Keep Reading

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Economy Affects Departmental Tenure Distribution

For a professor at Swarthmore, receiving tenure is a lengthy and complicated task. First, it involves teaching and researching in a tenure track position for what is typically a six-year period. After that, candidates undergo a lengthy review process. A dossier of the candidate is prepared, which includes everything from letters by students who had… Keep Reading

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Swarthmore Goes To El Chaco, Argentina

In the Fall of 2011, a group of Swarthmore students studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina took a 20-hour, 789-mile bus ride from the cosmopolitan capital to the rural northwestern town of Miraflores as part of the program’s recently launched Chaco Initiative. There they had the opportunity to directly experience, connect with, and make an… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

New Multipurpose Building in Development Stage

On Friday, Sept. 28, Vice President for Facilities and Services Stu Hain, Dean of Students Liz Braun, Director of Athletics Adam Hertz, Wellness Coordinator Satya Nelms and Secretary of the College and Vice President for Communications Nancy Nicely met to discuss their plan to create a new building on campus. The two-story complex would be… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

Coming Out Week Offers Safety, But No Imperative

“Coming Out Week,” Swarthmore’s annual celebration of queer identity, swung into action last week with a “Queernival” last Thursday outside Sharples, a SQU-hosted party at Paces Saturday night, and an OASIS-sponsored Open Mic featuring slam poet Kai Davis on Sunday night. Plenty more events are “coming out” this week, so to speak. The fifteen-year-old campus… Keep Reading

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