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Swarthmore Community Comes Together During Storm

On Sunday afternoon, members of the Swarthmore College community received an email informing them that the college would be closed on the following Monday and Tuesday because of the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy. As the dorms erupted in joy at this surprising yet heavily wished for occurrence, upperclassmen everywhere expressed disbelief about the cancellation… Keep Reading

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Swatties Vote to Have an Impact (Mostly)

As the election quickly approaches, much of Swarthmore’s student body will have the opportunity to vote for the first time. With several voting options — such as absentee ballots, voting in Pennsylvania and not voting at all — students are taking various approaches to voicing their right to vote. In a survey of 89 random… Keep Reading

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Column Stirs Controversy

There is a certain risk that comes with trying to stir up controversy at a place full of highly opinionated people. When Paul Vernon published a column arguing for cutting funding for athletics, de-emphasizing recruitment, and eliminating the physical education requirement, he experienced the repercussions of those hazards.“There are so many things wrong with this,”… Keep Reading

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J Street: Pro Israel, Pro Peace

A chapter of J Street, a political organization that calls itself the home for “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Americans,” held its first interest meeting on Friday October 26 in Kohlberg. The chapter, led by Jacob Adenbaum ’14 and Caleb Jones ’14, sees Israel’s occupation in the West Bank and Gaza not only as a fundamental violation of… Keep Reading

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Phi Psi and DU Aim To Dispel Fraternity Stereotypes

Amid charges of discrimination and recurring hazing allegations, schools such as the University of Alabama, where almost 40 percent of students belong to Greek organizations, have cancelled pledging activities this fall. At Princeton University, in an effort to curb excessive and underage drinking, freshmen have been banned from pledging fraternities or sororities, and from attending… Keep Reading

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In Support of Affirmative Action, Swarthmore Files Amicus Brief for Supreme Court Case

Along with 36 other highly selective, private liberal arts colleges and universities, Swarthmore College filed an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court in the Fisher v. University of Texas case. The case, in which caucasian student Abigail Fisher claims that the University of Texas denied her admission because of race, examines the constitutionality… Keep Reading

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Twitter Feeds Poke Fun At Swarthmore Culture

As a school filled with quirks and idiosyncrasies, Swarthmore has always found its culture teased and satirized. Facebook pages like “Swatmemes” and Tumblr accounts like “Sleeping Swatties” show students have often been the first to poke fun at the college’s offbeat culture and heavy workload. Lately, however, two Twitter feeds have taken such online lampooning… Keep Reading

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