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Student project aims at Indian educational reform

In a sweltering Indian classroom, as a student raises her hand with a question to understand the concept of photosynthesis, she is silenced by her teacher with instructions to memorize the definition on the blackboard. This authoritarian system has silenced questions and stamped out curiosity over the years as students follow the traditional system of… Keep Reading

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Reasons to see indie film “Weekend” this weekend

There is a raging maniac urgency underneath the cucumber-cool surface of the limited-release Indie film — you know the type. We presuppose these “quiet” and “thought-provoking” and often “foreign” films to have a stable niche audience of art school students and masochistic yuppies — but they don’t. From the increasingly corporate festival circuit to the… Keep Reading

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Alumni panel reflects on Quaker ties to activism

On Monday evening a panel of Quaker alumni held a discussion about activism and faith in the Scheuer Room of Kohlberg Hall. The Quaker Activist Alumni Panel consisted of four panelists invited back to campus by Joyce Tompkins, a campus Religious Advisor: Mark Harris ’08, Cynthia Richie-Terrell ’86, John Braxton ’70 and Margaret Perry ’08.… Keep Reading

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QSA, SQU commemorate Coming Out Week 2011

Events highlighted LGBTQ issues at Swarthmore and beyond Few people — Swarthmore students among them — complain about getting time off for holidays. From Christmas to Independence Day, there are eleven U.S. Federal holidays that have been recognized by acts of Congress. Many are symbolic of American culture or honor great American leaders. Some were controversial in… Keep Reading

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What do I? How do I? Your sex questions answered

I’ll be dedicating this week’s column to answering reader questions. You can submit your questions anonymously online at swarthmorephoenix.com/sexed. What do you do when you walk in on your parents having sex? Oh, that’s a sticky situation — in more ways than one! I know that it can be hard the first time you realize… Keep Reading

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Alum Massey Burke builds earthen clay wall at Swat

When Massey Burke ’00 attended Swarthmore, she craved practical applications of the things she was passionate about. Ten years later, she’s working to provide just that for today’s students. In conjunction with the Art and Engineering departments, Burke is working to create an adobe plastered earthen wall — made from all sustainable materials — between… Keep Reading

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First fashion runway show raises over $1000

Last Friday, over a hundred fashion enthusiasts flocked to Upper Tarble for Swarthmore’s first-ever fashion show and auction to benefit the Trevor Project, America’s leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention network aimed at LGBT youth. Hosted by the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), Fashion Forward 2011 saw thirty models take to the runway sporting the finest items on the… Keep Reading

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