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The lowdown on cheap eats in University City

Center City Restaurant Week wraps up tomorrow. If you went, hopefully, you had a great high-class dining experience in the company of good friends. It still cost you at least $42 — the fixed price of the meal, plus a 15% tip. If you ordered a drink, it was more. Restaurant Week sates the appetite… Keep Reading

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Sew Swatties stitches feminism, environmentalism

Sewing is regarded as a relatively antiquated craft by many people of our generation. Most grew up buying their clothes in stores and handing them off to their parents to be mended. Actually using a needle and thread is usually regarded as the common domestic work of housewives or associated with grandmothers in rocking chairs.… Keep Reading

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Plays in preview: monologues, Sondheim and stockings

Fall at Swarthmore offers casts and audiences alike a great variety of dramatic productions and performances to entertain on those crisp evenings. Upcoming shows explore a range of styles and subjects, from Shakespearian vignettes to dramatic monologues. Lisa Sendrow ’13 is the director for an upcoming production of “The Vagina Monologues,” an episodic play written… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

How to take action when lightning strikes your portfolio

Whenever we hear about national crises such as the credit downgrade from AAA to AA+ on Friday, August 5th, we’re always made aware of macroeconomic repercussions such as future governmental actions and the interpretations of huge investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, among others. But how are these sharp declines in the market affecting the… Keep Reading

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