Old Masthead

Fall 2018

Ganesh Setty ’19, Editor-in-Chief
Ganesh studies economics & art history, and hopes to be a financial journalist one day. He enjoys reading non-fiction, running, tennis, and collecting gray shirts. Seriously. He has a lot.


Keton Kakkar ’19, Managing Editor
Keton is a senior from Sands Point, New York. Intrigued by theories of interpretation and communication, they have chosen to study computer science and English literature. Their hobbies include bouldering, hiking, and reading cartoons in The New Yorker.

Laura Wagner ’20, Managing Editor
Laura is a junior from Dover, Delaware. She is in the honors program studying political science and economics. Outside of the classroom and the newsroom, her interests include running, politics, and really good books.

Kwate Quartey ’19, Editor Emeritus
Kwate hasn’t been in the office for a while, so he missed the memo about bios. Suffice it to say, he’s enjoying his time off.


Katie Pruitt ’20, News Editor
Katie is a junior from McLean, VA, majoring in political science and economics. In the little time she isn’t studying, going to class, or working on the Phoenix, you can find her listening to podcasts or rereading the same ten or so books for the millionth, billionth time. She doesn’t know what she wants to do after college and she wishes that people would stop asking her about it.

Bayliss Wagner ’21, News Editor
Bayliss is a sophomore from Vienna, VA. She’s currently studying Computer Science, English Literature and French and hopes to find a way to combine those interests in a future career. Bayliss also enjoys running, cooking, and watching The Twilight Zone and is a member of Swarthmore Progressive Christians.

Shelby Dolch ’21, Opinions Editor
Shelby Dolch is a current sophomore from Montana, with an intended special major in Political Science and Black Studies and a second major in Peace and Conflict Studies. She is most interested in the areas of criminal justice reform, human rights, and domestic policy.

Nicole Liu ’21, Arts Editor
Nicole is a sophomore who grew up in Shenzhen, China, but came of age in Boston. She is probably majoring in some combination of English, Chinese, and Psychology.  Eugene Onegin has remained her favorite book for 3 years, and she is on her third attempt to complete Middlemarch.

Dylan Clairmont ’21, Campus Journal Editor
Dylan Clairmont is a sophomore editing for the Campus Journal. He is a DPA, a board member of SQU, and a board member of Swat Dems. He is interested in capturing the current climate of campus and including that in the Phoenix.

Naomi Park ’21, Campus Journal Editor
Naomi is a sophomore from Queens, NY. She is currently planning on pursuing a special major in Gender and Sexuality Studies and English Literature but also enjoys taking Arabic and Computer Science classes. Outside of academics, she dances both within the Music and Dance Department and as a part of Rhythm ‘N Motion.

Max Katz-Balmes ’20, Sports Editor
Max is a junior from Berkeley, CA. Interested in pursuing a career in sustainable urban planning, Max has decided to double major in Environmental Studies and Economics. Apart from editing for The Phoenix, Max is a President’s Sustainability Research Fellow, a member of the men’s golf team, and a part of an environmental justice organization on campus called Serenity Soular. In his free time, Max enjoys playing basketball in the Fieldhouse and watching Love Island.

Jack Corkery ’20, Sports Editor
Jack is a junior from Tega Cay, SC. He is an economics and political science double major, and hopes to become the next president of the United States. When he is not busy helping save the free press, Jack pitches for the baseball team.

Dan Siegelman ’19, Chief Copy Editor
Dan studies history and political science, and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He likes reading novels, playing ultimate frisbee, and watching soccer. He was also once the second best clarinet player in Western Massachusetts.


Trina Paul ’21, Chief Layout Editor
Trina is a sophomore from Pittsburg, Kansas. She is a prospective economics major and psychology minor. She is also involved in DESHI (the South Asian student organization) and Redefine Her Street at Swarthmore. In her free time she enjoys crocheting, baking, and doing yoga.

Peem Lerdputtipongporn ’21, Business Manager
Peem is a sophomore from Thailand. He enjoys learning mathematics and computer science because of both subjects’ rigor. Outside of class, he works as a Writing Associate and advocates for mental health. Last year, he was a columnist for The Phoenix, but now he is serving as a business manager. Naruto is his favorite manga, but Boruto is not.

Abby Diebold ’20, Social Media Editor
Abby is a junior from Portland, OR. She has probably asked if you’re registered to vote.


Navdeep Maini ’19, Webmaster
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