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These job descriptions are intended to inform applicants of what would be expected of them were they to be hired. They are also intended to guide those holding the positions as they carry out their duties.


Currently Open Positions

(updated June 7, 2015)

Graphic Designer
Responsibilities include working with the editors and staff artists to conceptualize and creating cover art and graphics within page designs. Graphic designers coordinate art and are responsible for ensuring completion of graphics or photo-intensive pages. Also attends editorial board meetings. Previous work with Photoshop recommended, Illustrator a plus.

Social Media Coordinator
Responsible for the upkeep of the Phoenix’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Coordinators should also be willing to teach other staff members, such as writers and photographers, about how to use social media to find sources for articles or how to integrate amateur photos into the paper. This is a great position for anyone who is looking to get into Public Relations.

Writers and Reporters
All writers and reporters must attend weekly section meetings.

News: usually writes one story a week on current campus events. Some lengthier stories may involve more work or take multiple weeks.
Arts News: writes one story a week on art and art events at Swarthmore, covering topics such as concerts, exhibitions, and readings.
Campus Journal: write on topics ranging from trends at Swarthmore to Philly events. A variety of writing styles is encouraged and in-person reporting is expected. Columnists interested in one topic specifically — food, concerts, sex — are encouraged to apply.
Sports: responsible for writing weekly stories or features on sports teams or athletes.
Opinions: columnists write a biweekly column. Columnists are expected to work closely with the Opinions Editor to ensure relevance to to student population, in some manner.

Copy Editors
Responsibilities include fact-checking, ensuring adherence to our style guide, and general proof-reading.

Expected to fulfill weekly assignments, contacting subjects of articles if necessary, taking photos, and submitting them in a timely fashion. Photographers are not required to own a DSLR; those who don’t will share the Phoenix DSLR. Any Photoshop ability is appreciated.

Staff Artists
Staff artists may be asked to submit illustrations for various sections of the paper. Staff artists may also be asked to submit smaller illustrations as well.

Crossword Writers 
Crossword writers will produce one crossword puzzle every other week for publication in the Campus Journal section.


Business Positions

Advertising Managers 
Advertising manager works to recruit local and national ads. Responsibilities include soliciting advertisements from local businesses; keeping up-to-date advertising records; sending out invoices and tearsheets to the advertisers; documenting paid invoices; providing up-to-date advertising income figures; and attending monthly business staff meetings. This is a paid position.

Subscription Managers
Subscription managers work to sell Phoenix positions. Responsibilities include advertising subscriptions, soliciting potential subscribers and making sure existing subscribers receive their copies of the Phoenix. This is a paid position.

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