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Cutler’s Mentality Not the Problem

Two years ago, Jay Cutler pulled out of the NFC Championship game with a sprained MCL. Cutler was withdrawn from the biggest game of his career after a dismal first half against the Packers, having had shown little hope of improving. But because Cutler is such a polarising figure, his withdrawal was seen by many… Keep Reading

Out of Left Field/Sports

Foosball: A Sport for All of Us

I have a hobby that I like to indulge in some evenings. It’s vigorous, works up a sweat, and involves a huge amount of wrist strength. Every Thursday night I take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to play foosball with friends and the Swiss Mister Hans-Jakob Werlen. So, this article… Keep Reading

Out of Left Field/Sports

Should Stephen Strasburg Have Been Shut Down?

Imagine you are the general manager of the Washington Nationals. You have been in control of the National League East Division all season and are looking towards the playoffs in October. The Nationals have never been to the playoffs before and, since their move to Washington, have only once even posted a .500 record. So… Keep Reading

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