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After incidents at UPenn, we stand in solidarity

This past week, following the presidential election, a surge in hate-based crimes and intimidation tactics against people of color, women, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ individuals have plagued the nation following President-elect Donald Trump’s clinching of the presidential nomination. These discriminatory actions have impacted communities across the United States in a number of ways. We at… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

On the election and moving forward

Everyone responds to stressful events like the recent election in different ways, but as we all go about our separate lives, the Phoenix wants to remind the community that we must stand together in times of strife. We urge all members of the community to practice radical kindness as we move forward as a community… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Swarthmore students must vote in coming election

This will be a historic election. It will indubitably go down in history as one of the most unexpected and tumultuous cycles in electoral history, irrespective of whether or not we elect our first female president. This election will be memorable for many other reasons, from the ways in which it highlights a broken two-party… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Editorial: College must act in solidarity with Harvard

On Wednesday afternoon, union workers at Harvard University voted 583 to 1 to ratify a new contract that confirms year-round wages at $35,000 annually as well as a cap on out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Following a three week long strike that concluded in the revised wages and benefits, staff members returned to university dining halls, half… Keep Reading

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Swatties may not be able to commit to more parties

Over fall break, several of the Phoenix editors travelled to other colleges and universities to visit our friends. Between the homecoming football games and extra thousands of students at each campus, we knew we weren’t at Swarthmore anymore. On University of Pennsylvania’s campus, students lined up around the quad to purchase the newest, most exclusive… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

College approaches student employment problematically

In a September 29 article in the Phoenix titled “Students Struggle to Secure On-Campus Employment,” Isabel Cristo discussed how two positions in the college post office received over 50 responses for the positions in under an hour. Even without access to a college-wide data set about the statistics of student employment on campus, this incident… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Intercultural Center expansion promotes inclusivity

With the announcement of the James C. Hormel ’55 and Michael P. Nguyen ’08 Intercultural Center at Sproul Hall, the college has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering discourses on inclusivity, intersectionality, and the celebration of difference on campus. The manifestation of these values in a common physical space is particularly important as we move forward… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Data reveals complexity in sustainability

Over the past five years, the College has consistently publicized its commitment to sustainability through its hires at the Office of Sustainability, its building of new energy efficient buildings and more recently its efforts with the carbon charge and the installation of geothermal wells on campus. The Office of Sustainability has grown, and now has… Keep Reading

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