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Game Change 2012: our stakes in the upcoming election

Staff Editorial As we plod through the Republican primaries and steadily approach the 2012 presidential election, several key issues continue not only to plague our collective conscience, but also to stifle any hope for complete progress. The political arena has responded garishly, with rampant partisanship demonstrated by a gridlocked Congress on issues from taxes to… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

The “Buffet Rule” and the politics of taxation

Staff Editorial Isolating the multitude of inequalities that are inherent to our contemporary social structures is a reasonably effortless task. From health care to environmental policy, our notions of justice and liberty for all in a society are counteracted and replaced with institutional unfairness time and time again. But perhaps the most palpable embodiment of… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

The unspoken violence in the college Greek system

Staff Editorial In the “bubble” that is Swarthmore College, it’s often easy to forget that the vast array of higher education options don’t all subscribe to the same sort of unique progressive cultural assumptions that we do. Not all universities and colleges — in fact, barely any — purport Quaker values and its accompanying noble… Keep Reading

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