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Recommendations for the Reelected Administration

The 2012 election is over, and President Obama is the decisive victor after winning most of the battleground states by narrow but clear margins. After a lengthy reelection battle, voters have given the President the go-ahead to continue leading the country for another four years. The fight, however, is not over for President Obama; the… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

As State Funding Falls, Tuition Soars

Government Should Prioritize Slowing the Rise of the Cost of Education In the first presidential debate of the general election cycle, the candidates’ discussion of the American education system was a welcome departure from the usual haggling over the best way to get the economy moving again. In reality, addressing the rising cost of a… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Secret Statements: When Public Figures Say Things They Don’t Want Overheard, It’s Not Always What It Sounds Like

In the age of technology, public figures — politicians, celebrities and others — find it hard to escape the constant storm of media around them. Anything they say in public will be recorded, distributed and heavily scrutinized. And as we have seen this election cycle, sometimes the things they say in private make it into… Keep Reading

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