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Swarthmore’s ongoing struggle with its Quakerism

Op-Ed by Erik Heaney Since I arrived on Swarthmore’s campus barely a year ago, I have noticed that this institution is undergoing a struggle with its identity and heritage. Much like that of an individual who struggles to reconcile conflicting cultural identities, it appears that Swarthmore has trouble reconciling its Quaker heritage and its adherence… Keep Reading


Symbolic space: Quakerism is good for Swarthmore

Op-Ed by Ben Goossen Over the past few days I have heard many student and faculty conversations generated by Sam Zhang’s column “Why Quakerism at Swarthmore is counterproductive” in the 11/03/11 issue of The Phoenix. While I would like to thank Sam for engaging this topic and for getting so many people talking, I will… Keep Reading


The state and future of Quakerism at Swarthmore

Op-Ed by Ben Goossen I would like to copy the campus community to the following letter, sent to President Rebecca Chopp, regarding the state and future of Quakerism at the college. I invite comments, discussion and debate: I am a founding member of Quakers on Campus, the new Young Friends group at Swarthmore. I actually… Keep Reading


Three years later: responses to the financial crisis

Once or twice a century, there is a watershed moment in American politics in which the bankruptcy of the present arrangement is laid naked, and gives way to paradigmatic transition. During the Great Depression, 25% unemployment set the stage for the New Deal. In the late 1970s, stagflation brought the New Right and its ‘government… Keep Reading


Money letters: explanation and call for discussion

By Kanayo Onyekwuluje and Pat Walsh It’s not every day that you get free money in your mailbox! The ‘gift’ in your mailbox, as well as the letter from the bogus “Committee on Investment Profitability,” may have been confusing at first, but hopefully they were also entertaining. This week’s gift giving was organized and executed by… Keep Reading


My Name is Yon Yonson: Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Three years ago last week, Lehman Brothers collapsed amidst a wreckage of overleveraging, over-speculation and appallingly reckless risk-taking. Lehman’s collapse sparked a financial crisis that led to rapid job loss: 3.5 million jobs were shed between September 2008 and January 2009. As the nation plunged into the “Great Recession,” the bankruptcy of thirty years of… Keep Reading


The elusive independent

If political strategists are to be believed, there is one creature in American politics that trumps all, an elusive beast whom, if tamed, ensures electoral hegemony. Elections, we are told, are about independent voters. This zealous faith in the ‘moderate independent’ has led the Democratic Party on a wild two-year goose chase: amidst the greatest… Keep Reading

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