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Op-Ed: Reinventing McCage

As Louis Kahn put it, “You shouldn’t be forced to put people through the library. It should be just something in its structure which says, ‘What a wonderful place to go,’ and of course, the location has much to do with it, and its convenience has much to do with it, but essentially, it is… Keep Reading


Open Letter: History Students for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Dear Swarthmore Board of Managers, As history students at Swarthmore College, we support the campaign to divest our school from the fossil fuel industry. Our classes in the Swarthmore History Department have taught us about the appalling long-term impacts of resource extraction. From the coalfields of Appalachia that prompted the second largest armed rebellion in… Keep Reading


Open Letter: History Faculty for Divestment

To the Board of Managers: On behalf of the members of the Department of History, I am writing in support of Mountain Justice’s campaign to have Swarthmore College divest its endowment from the fossil fuel industry. I hope you will agree with my colleagues and myself that our students represent the best of the liberal… Keep Reading


Letter to the Campus Community

Dear Campus Community, This letter is in response to the discussions regarding rape and sexual assault, so please know reading on might be triggering. Many students have approached me in the past week, sharing their stories and wanting to continue the discussion that began on Wednesday night in Eldridge Commons.  They were sad and pained… Keep Reading


Op-Ed: Reasonable Debate

In light of the results of the recent Greek life referendum, where “No” votes beat “Yes” on every issue except “Do you support admitting students of all genders to sororities and fraternities,” we as a college should seriously reflect on the ridiculous campaigning that led up to the vote. I am strongly of the opinion… Keep Reading


Op-Ed: Is Swat Exclusionary?

Swarthmore’s frequent social justice campaigns — pro-divestment, pro-childcare, anti-fraternity, anti-Zoellick, and so on — make us a hotspot for controversy and, yes, and decidedly leftist socio-political culture. I appreciate that culture. I approach it as someone sympathetic to the cause. Yet I am strangely dissatisfied with the way that Swarthmore’s social justice movements manifest within… Keep Reading


Op-Ed: A Questionable Firing

Swarthmore prides itself on being a tolerant community that encourages the free flow of ideas and the opportunity for all voices to be heard. Throughout the recent controversy surrounding Robert Zoellick, The Phoenix, in its April 4 edition, portrayed the issue as if it were an evenhanded debate on campus, writing that, “an equal number… Keep Reading

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