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Are you an advocate too? How to support victims and survivors

Like many others, I came to my work in student affairs with a deep commitment to social justice and an even deeper desire to see the students that I advise meet their full potential. I was absolutely prepared to help students navigate the issues of intersecting identities and structural inequalities that threatened their success. Yet,… Keep Reading

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An open letter to President Chopp

President Chopp, I got home from work today and eagerly started reading the book for Swarthmore’s 150th, “Swarthmore College, A Community of Purpose.” It was especially enjoyable to read about the birth of the honors program under President Aydelotte and how it put the college on the map academically. I believe Professor Jerry Frost expressed… Keep Reading


“Swarthmore at its best” — An interview with Robert George

This is an extended version of the interview that appears in print.  1) Could you describe your background and beliefs throughout your life? Your beliefs before going into Swarthmore, during, after, and currently. Have you noticed, looking back, any way in which they’ve substantially changed? I grew up in West Virginia in a family and… Keep Reading


Ten common misconceptions about Title IX reporting

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sexual or gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence in higher education. The goal of Title IX reporting is to address a victim/survivor’s immediate safety and needs on campus, eliminate the discrimination, harassment or violence, prevent its reoccurrence, and address its effects. I recognize that these reporting regulations require… Keep Reading


It’s not about free speech

When Robert George and Cornel West came to campus on February 10, they offered themselves as examples of passionate debate and deep humanistic inquiry. The premise of the collection and the day’s discussion, as I understand it, was that our campus has a problem tolerating free speech, that strident voices, particularly those of our students,… Keep Reading


On free speech

This piece was written prior to the collection. The last three paragraphs appeared in the zine, “The Rhetoric of Tolerance and Free Speech.” While incredibly grateful to be included in this zine and to those who compiled, edited and circulated it, I personally had no role in its actual production beyond submitting the excerpt from… Keep Reading


In defense of Robert George

The most common, and perhaps most valid, criticism of Robert George after his dialogue on campus with Cornel West was that he did not answer our questions. I believe we are not in a position to fault George for this, as our questions did not answer his talk. George and West came to campus to… Keep Reading

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Open letter to Robert George

Dear Robert George, I spoke to you at the lecture you gave the other day with Cornel West in the Quaker Meeting House at Swarthmore. I was the young man in the first row who asked you what it would take to change your mind about queer people and gay marriage. You didn’t really give… Keep Reading

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